When customers are visiting your store, they are at their highest-moment of engagement with your brand and company.  These people are having dinner at your restaurant, buying products at your store or staying at your hotel. They’re thinking about your brand.  Chances are, they may even want to learn more about your company.

Many brands watch for mentions of their brand names on Twitter and will respond to customers that discuss their brand.  Your business can also use Twitter to search for check-ins on Twitter and then respond to those people when.  (Just search for your brand name + 4sq on Twitter.  Here’s an example: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=starbucks+4sq)  The beauty of responding to guests that check-in?  They are actually in your store right at that moment and thinking about your brand.

Here are three ways to respond to your customers’ check-ins via Twitter:

  1. Thank them for their visit.  This is the easiest way to generate customer loyalty and goodwill.  When you see someone check-in, just send them a response that says “Thanks for visiting us today!  Enjoy your meal!”
  2. Promote new events and products.  Knowing that a customer is in your store presents an opportunity to create awareness for new events and promotions you are running.  For example, if your restaurant offers a weekly trivia night, you could use check-ins to create more participation.  Just Tweet back: “Thanks for visiting us today.  Don’t miss our trivia night on Wednesday’s.  Winners take home a $100 gift card!”
  3. Drive email club signups.  Knowing that people that check-in have a strong interest in your brand or product, there’s no better time to start building a long-term relationship with that person.  After their check-in, why not invite them to join your e-mail club?  For instance, you might respond “Thanks for checking-in! Join our e-club to receive weekly updates and coupons for all things happening at Joe’s Diner. Sign up: bit.ly/signup”

How else can you respond to customer check-ins via Twitter?  Let us know in the comments below!