The most efficient and cost effective way to connect directly with your customers and grow your business is with social media marketing. With just a click of a button, you can share your products and services to millions of existing and prospective customers in an instant. Personal connections have never been more important in business as they are today and that is in large part to the dynamics that make up social media.

Here are 3 ways to create a personal connection with your customers:

1. Use words like “you” “we” and “us” to engage customers and make them feel like they are a part of something special. For example, try softening your content like this, “We are proud to share this exclusive new offer with you: Receive 20% off the next time you shop online.” instead of a non-personal “Visit the XYZ Store online this week for 20% off.” And, post these personal messages on your Facebook and Twitter pages for your fans to enjoy.

how to build online connections2. Add videos or photos to make a personal connection with your customers and let them see that you are a part of the community and are someone that they can relate to. Try posting a range of images or videos from various community and business events you and your company are involved in. For example, record video or take photos at your next awards dinner, group outing, charity event, product demonstration or speaking engagement and post them on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook.

3. Write a weekly blog and build trust with your prospective customers as a thought leader in your industry. Writing a blog takes time and patience but the results are astounding if you research the topics your audience is interested in and keep the content simple for people to understand. Share your personal story as it relates to how you got involved in the business, industry trends, how to articles, company news and address any common questions or issues that your customers often ask about. Create your own blog on WordPress or Blogger and every time you post be sure to share it with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers.

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