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Be a part of holiday social media conversations!

This time of year it seems that every recipe, gift, trip, family picture and holiday decorations are posted on social media. People are excited to share, especially with family and friends that are long distance. Think about it, we didn’t always have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat to engage with those we love that are not having Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or whatever else you celebrate with us. Many of you may remember Festivus and celebrate it on December 23rd. I smile whenever I think of Kramer and that Seinfeld episode. No matter what you are celebrating this time of year, social media is abuzz with all of it. How do you take advantage of all that chatter for your business? Here are a few simple tips:

  • Be there or be square – be on social media this time of year. Don’t go crazy posting just for the sake of posting. Make sure you stay active on your business social media even you have some extra time away from work. Post about your company holiday party; wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. If your business is involved in the holidays, i.e. restaurants, retail, be sure to Boost a few posts and think outside the box for your demographics. For example – where are people shopping? Black Friday, Nutcracker, etc. You get it. Don’t forget to use hashtags.
  • It’s okay to go a bit personal on your own social media – while it isn’t a good idea to post about your business all the time on your personal Facebook profile or other personal social media, it’s okay now and then. Use this holiday time to express thanks to clients, customers and all those who have helped your business grow throughout the year. Share the posts wishing everyone a great holiday – all the holidays. Be thoughtful, authentic and above all – POSITIVE! This is not the time, nor is it ever, in my opinion, to discuss politics, social issues, or anything else you feel the desire to complain about personally or professionally.
  • Be a resource for all the good stuff – What is happening in your town, city, state? What holiday activities are happening? Hayrides, Santa Runs, Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest, Lighting of Trees, Local fresh tree farms, theatrical performances, Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker, Radio City Christmas Spectacular. One of my most fond memories is standing online with my paternal grandmother each December (freezing usually but I didn’t care a bit) to get tickets for the Radio City Spectacular with the Rockettes. Again, don’t forget to use hashtags.

Most of all, be yourself. This time of year brings out the best in most of us. It is also a time when many suffer and feel the most lonely. The world is a crazy place these days with natural and unnatural disasters seeming to occur weekly and it’s hard to put it all aside. Remember that positive thoughts are 100 times more powerful than negative thoughts and there is nothing this world needs more right now than positive thoughts.

One last tip – Laughter is a key to unlocking positive energy…use it in your posts, your blogs, and your emails to clients. Did Festivus make you laugh? I hope so.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, warm, and loving Thanksgiving. There is much to be thankful for and most of it is right in front of our noses.

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