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I’m about to argue that they’re probably two of the most influential personas on social media. Given that internet fame literally lasts for only 15 minutes, their celebrity status is nothing to scoff at. And regardless of personal opinions, you have to admit, they’ve done an incredible job marketing and branding themselves.

The larger the fan base, engagement rates, and posting frequency, the more in demand they become for endorsements, and the more money they can make by using their channels or likeness as advertising platforms. Kim Kardashian and Grumpy Cat make a sizable income with minimal effort, just by posting an image on Instagram. For example, Kim is rumored to make $200,000 per tweet. Grump Cat is has made over $100 million in the past two years. That’s a lot of kitty condos.

db9b2acdbaf0d3bc137374a4bbfed71eIt’s 2016 and if there’s one thing us marketers have learned, it’s that engagement is hard to come by. And while it shouldn’t be the only focus of your social media marketing, to neglect engagement is to neglect your audience. The Kardashians and Grumpy Cat prove there is value in using social platforms to engage with fans.

People crave interaction. And Kim K and Grumpy Cat give it to them. The Kardashians are able to maintain such a high volume of Twitter interest by responding to specific tweets, especially during high-impact moments (such as Kanye’s proposal). Grumpy Cat responds to fans and retweets things. If your company hasn’t been responding to engagement across channels, it’s missing out on an easy way to improve and grow.


Never Underestimate the Power of Humor

Social media content should prove valuable and entertaining to the eyeballs scanning through their oversaturated feeds. Is it silly that Grumpy Cat has a Facebook page with over one million likes? It depends who you ask. Being outrageous and witty gets you noticed. Your business’social media content doesn’t have to be over-the-top and filled to the brim with memes, but it doesn’t hurt to shake things up with a humorous or timely post here and there.

Grumpy Cat understands this. She was named the 8th most important meme of 2012 by Mashable and rose to fame almost entirely through user-generated content and organic sharing. “She” regularly invites fans to caption new photos and constantly encourages them to produce new pieces of shareable content. Grumpy Cat has also harnessed the power of visual storytelling with unique narratives and a brand centered around the perspective of one continually dissatisfied feline. Using visual elements on social channels to help convey your brand’s story will encourage people to talk about your brand, share your content, and stay engaged. Puurrrfect.


Use It or Lose It

proof-that-kim-kardashian-will-take-a-selfie-lite-2-32662-1407856632-4_bigKim Kardashian has built her entire career and empire through social media. And her online appeal really comes down to one thing, showing up. Part of the reason Kim has managed to stretch her 15 minutes of fame into a very long celebrity career is because of the constant exposure. The woman is everywhere from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram to her own mobile app. And just as quickly as her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries fizzled, another tweet or photo is posted. This is just Kim embracing the drip effect.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, in September 2015 the average brand posted 38 times on Instagram, up 36% from the previous year. However, likes and comments by users rose 83% in the same period, indicating that Instagram users wanted more from their favorite brands. A steady stream of tweets and posts is key. So get in the habit of posting several times a day. After all, the Internet is constantly being updated and cluttered by brands doing the same thing in order to stay relevant and remain in the forefront of our minds. Play at their level.

Grumpy Cat is also regularly posting and constantly adapting. She’s done things like guest-star on a Friskies advertisement, spent time at the Buzzfeed office, commented on the latest Bachelorette contestants, and more. Take advantage of timely events (like the hysteria of what color a certain dress was) and explore different avenues that will showcase your brand’s relevancy.

It’s All About Me. I Mean You. I Mean Me.

Audiences are constantly being inundated with Kardashian approval and brand name. Admittedly, there have been times when it’s felt forced but they have created such a huge buzz around their personas that everything they make, tweet, or touch receives huge amounts of attention. Creating a curated mix of “personal” and brand-driven content on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is the ideal way to promote a product without annoying your audience.

Try and do it the Kim K way, with a format that includes both types of content. Like the entire buzz around Kim Kardashian and her heavily promoted selfie book. Or when the Kardashians go out to eat, which creates the illusion of inner circle access and makes their direct branding efforts subtle and less obtrusive. This method of creating exclusive, “behind the scenes” content with a product builds connection with followers.

Who would have thought that a feline with a permanently grumpy expression and a woman charged with breaking the Internet could provide such excellent insight into the world of social media for businesses. We would have.

Bow down.