Grammy awardsThis year’s Grammy Awards were watched by 28.12 million people, excited to celebrate an evening of great music. While dozens of musicians graced the stage to receive their awards, it might surprise you to learn that many content creators were awarded as well! Yes, musicians are content creators, and here’s what we can learn from them:

  1. It’s crucial to find your unique voice.
  2. Using CTA’s never hurt anyone.
  3. Integrating your brand only grows it.

Find Your Unique Voice

Adele. Justin Timberlake. Beyonce. What do these artists have in common? After just a few notes of a song, we recognize them immediately because their voice is so unique! Who else can match Adele’s soulful growl or Timberlake’s smooth runs? These artists don’t imitate. They establish a sound that is unique to their brand.

Likewise, it’s important for your brand to establish a voice that your audience will easily recognize and identify with. To establish your voice, consider whether it’s formal or informal. Informative or opinionated? Emotional or factual? Whatever elements you decide define your content, be sure to be consistent.

The marketing experts at Inc. have even suggested picking a celebrity who embodies the vision for your brand’s voice. By doing this, you can always ask, “What would Adele say?” when crafting your content.

Use CTA’s

During the Grammy’s, host L.L. Cool J repeatedly reminded the audience to join the conversation on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Not only were users engaged, but the reach of the Grammy’s was suddenly amplified. Suddenly, #grammys became the number one trending topic on Twitter and the social chatter went viral.

Every piece of content you write should have a goal, and if you have a goal, then you can make a call to action. Your CTA can include:

  • Asking users to like your brand on Facebook
  • Inviting users to vote in a poll or leave a comment
  • Encouraging donations

Using CTA’s makes your content effective and engages your audience as well. Lady Gaga is a prime example of an artist who has used CTA’s to create rabid brand evangelists. By dubbing her fans “Little Monsters,” Gaga created her own social network so to speak and has used it in her marketing efforts.

Integration is Crucial

Just as the Grammy’s integrated the television with the internet, integrate your content with a variety of platforms. You accomplish two major goals while doing this:

  1. Creating loyal followers who will follow you regardless of your platform
  2. Reach users you wouldn’t have targeted otherwise

Where is your brand in terms of integration? Are you allowing your fans to follow you on a variety of platforms? Are you broadening its reach to the fullest potential?