Every now and then we hear about cybercriminals going past the firewalls and messing the crucial delicate information of the companies. No matter how much the security is fortified the cybercriminals get passed through the slick flaws and meddle with the corporate image.

The security measures are reviewed and tightened to serve the purpose and avoid risk of hacking. The same case stands for the social media usage also. Every single person is obsessed with social media. We all use it to make friends and share our views, read articles and comment on them. We share our insights in sensitive issues and incidents with everyone. The threat turns out to be diabolical when your image is in the mercy of the cybercriminals.

Sensitive information sharing in social media like tweets or blogs might turn the table and situation gets messy. That is why care must be taken to pile up security.

Ways to improve social media security:

1. Do not block the social media websites

Everyone loves to use social media. When someone is barred from using it in the workplace they get irritated. We all know that using them decreases productivity and concentration. People get diverted easily to the virtual world and forget the importance of the bread and butter. Sneaky ones will find out a way to access the banned websites some way or another, using cheap proxy servers with loopholes. This jeopardizes the security creating bypass for the criminals to steal data. The decision of banning social media might backfire and that can harm overall scenario of the corporation. Instead beefing up the security is better and keeping an eye on the activity of the employees has an added advantage.

2. Crash course on security issues

Education is the answer of all petty and grave problems in the society. The same stands true in this case also. Stopping the employees from using social media might not be easy but letting them know the consequences of overuse of social media on the company image might enlighten them. If they care about themselves they will care for the company too.

Social media themselves are quite good in security measures and privacy maintenance. But very people exploit the good part. The devil may care attitude must be changed by enlightening them about the risk posed by insecure use of the media and sharing information publicly. It is better to offer a session to educate them about the privacy settings and security terms. They will know the boundary and act likewise.

3. Appointing right person for the right job

The IT section of every corporation handles the situation of internet break-in. These professionals must know what they are doing and what is best for the company to ensure fortified security. Facing an enemy with unknown powers is quite tough. So the soldiers must know what they are dealing with. They should be aware of the prevention as well as the cure of the threats. Human resource must be careful while recruiting the professionals.

The virtual world is a dynamic one. Change is inevitable. Hence updating the process is significantly important to stop cybercrime and survive.