Social-Media-imageA great visual strategy plays a very important role when it comes engaging your audience on social media. If you’re looking for creative ways to ramp up social media engagement on your Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest account, focusing more on your visual strategy is the best place to start.

A recent study showed that when you add an image to go along with your message on Facebook, or other top social media platforms you’re using right now for that matter, you’re more likely to generate 53% more engagement. If you’re doing that already, you’re right on track.

That said, below are three smart image strategies that you can use to skyrocket engagement and sales generation from social media:

1. Create tweetable image

Creating a tweetable image is actually very easy. All you need to have is a nice picture. You can add something to the picture like a caption or an inspiring quote using the Paint tool or

If you know how to use the Photoshop, it would be a great advantage for you in creating customized and captivating tweetable image.

You can use the image on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook. So the next time you post an update on Facebook or Tweeter, make sure to add a tweetable image. You will be amazed by its effectiveness and surprised by the response you get from your followers and friends.

2. Use a sneak peek image

You have to always remember that most people, if not all, on Twitter, Facebook, and top social media portals are there primarily to have fun, connect with people or organizations they care about, and interact with like-minded individuals.

With that in mind using a sneak peek image about your business or yourself is an excellent and fun way to connect with your followers and circles in a more personal level.

3. Utilize call to action image

The call to action on your social media management strategies is what brings the bacon, so to speak. Be more creative. Don’t just show your followers what to do next. Use an eye-catching call to action image that tells your friends and followers to share, like, or comment.

Start treating your friends and fans on social media with captivating visuals today. Get started now!