If you are looking for a way to broadcast your content further and faster, and you haven’t embraced the full power of social sharing, you’re wasting a lot of time. Whether it’s a webpage, a blog, a video, an infographic, etc. – if no one reads it, it doesn’t exist; welcome to 2015!

Social sharing is a way to amplify the content within your website and/or blog through social media and is extremely useful when launching some new initiatives or campaigns – especially with the right social sharing tools.

Let’s look at why you need social sharing now and how to quickly get set up to see your hits increase.

Why Social Sharing:

Even if you like to create blogs, websites and videos, chances are you’re ridiculously busy with your work and constantly looking for ways to do more with less. A good social sharing strategy will help push the hard work you’ve done on creating content into the public arena, increasing your return on marketing investment and ultimately the reach of your content.

Social sharing not only scales your efforts but helps with your SEO strategy. As more people link to and share your website and content, the more validity search engines place on your website, making search more effective.

How To Socially Share:

The most important part of social sharing is creating good content. If you create something that is not share worthy, even your most inventive and effective social sharing strategy won’t help. So make sure what you have to share is shareable. Some great tips are to create catchy titles, and reverse-engineer your content. See what people want to hear about on social media, and then create your content.

After you’ve created your shareable, maybe even viral, content, the easiest way to help spread the good word is by adding share buttons to your website, images and blogs. Floating share buttons easily let any visitor share a page to any social network. There are several you can find, and there are a few WordPress plug-ins for your website. AddNow let’s you collect the data behind your social shares, and then use that with targeted Facebook campaigns. If you’re in a business that aligns well with Pinterest followers, be sure every image has an On Hover Pin It button so your audience can easily Pin your images. Fun fact: Pinterest is the second biggest driver of traffic to sites, today!

The Next Level:

Adding social share buttons is a good first step but it’s passive. Effective social sharing services let you not only see analytics behind your shares, but also give you the ability to run Facebook campaigns behind your posts. For white-glove campaigns, seek an agency or a company that can help you with that; otherwise save your money and go to the Facebook Ads Manager to run unpublished posts on your own! Learn how to create dark posts, and get to it!

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