If you’re running ads for your business on Facebook or Instagram, retargeting is not optional — it’s a requirement if you want to ensure that you’re delivering your ads to the best possible audiences and capturing revenue growth opportunities before your competition snatches them up.

While there are many ways that retargeting can benefit your business, we’ve compiled the following three advantages (and actionable retargeting strategies) that your company can’t afford to ignore.

1. Catch the attention of lapsed or distracted customers

Reengagement - 3 Reasons marketers must retarget social adsTo say that there’s a lot happening online is an understatement. There are plenty of distractions that can lead potential customers astray just as they’re about to convert. They could be buying something on your website when an important email calls them away before they can hit “Buy.” Or they could forget about your app on their phone after they download a new mobile game which grabs up all their attention and time. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t lose a customer. Retargeting lets you lure them back.

Retargeting Strategy To Try: Setting up Website Custom Audiences gives you the power to advertise to users who wandered away before completing a desired action on your site. For example, you can use WCAs to remind users of items they added to a cart on your site but forgot to actually purchase. Or, install an SDK into your mobile app to track customer behavior and keep tabs on lapsed users who no longer engage with your app. You can then use Custom Audiences to serve those lapsed users ads that encourage them to re-activate.

2. Prompt people to spend more

Spend more - 3 Reasons marketers must retarget social adsRetargeting can do more than help you reach people who failed to make a purchase; it can also be an effective strategy to encourage people to buy more from you. Let’s say someone visits your site and buys a new pair of boots. You already know that they a) like your products enough to buy them and b) likely have a log-in that will facilitate further transactions. If you retarget them after their purchase, you’re in an ideal position to prompt additional activity.

Retargeting Strategy To Try: Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) can help you retarget ads to known purchasers. Whether you serve them ads for bags that match the boots they just bought, or promote related winter wear like hats or gloves, DPAs can automatically populate with these relevant products, saving you the work of manual retargeting.

3. Follow customers across platforms

Cross device - 3 Reasons marketers must retarget social adsIt’s no secret that we’re living in a multi-screen world. Smartphone use is massive, with some people relying solely on mobile devices. Mobile is no longer playing second fiddle to desktop; the two are now equals. With so many people using both devices, doesn’t it make sense that your ads should migrate with them?

Retargeting Strategy To Try: Employ cross-device tracking to get a complete picture of your audience’s activities as they travel between devices. This is a great tactic to use for when people research a particular product on a mobile device, but then check Facebook on a desktop device later that day. With cross-device tracking, you can serve customers ads for the product they researched earlier, reminding them of their interest and driving them to your site. Just ensure that your ads and site are optimized so that people have a positive viewing experience no matter how they access your brand.

This post was originally published on the Nanigans blog.