Social Media EvaluationTo make your social media marketing work for you, you need to regularly assess how effective your use of it really is. Social Media Evaluation looks at how effective a role your social media has in your online marketing. In order for your online marketing to remain cohesive, your social media needs to reflect your ultimate marketing goals. The best way to measure this to partake in some social media evaluation, and here are 3 tools to help.

Facebook Insights

Facebook provide users with insight tools to measure how influential their Facebook posts and pages can be. As an administrator of your Facebook page, Facebook Insights provides you with information on people who engage with you and your page.

Included in this is an insight into how people found your page, how many people engaged with it and how many went on to talk about it. Through this, you will learn how many people you reached. Your “reach” is determined by the number of people who have seen your post loaded in their timeline, both on a desktop and on mobile. This “reach” also includes data on organic, paid and viral leads so you can learn whether sponsored posts are as successful as you would hope.

Conducting social media evaluation in this way can show you how effective your Facebook presence is in engaging with your audience and stimulating your online marketing.

Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to analyze traffic to your website or blogs. Using this as part of your social media evaluation can help you understand how effective your social media campaigns have been in generating leads to your website. Google Analytics generates statistics about your website’s traffic and sources, giving you an idea of click-through rates from LinkedIn, Facebook or any other sites that contain links to your site. You can track visitors to your site from all your referrers as well as pay-per-click networks and e-mail marketing.

Similarly, Google Trends shows how often a search-term is entered into the search engine over time. It also allows for multiple searches to be compared in a single graph, like rival products.

Trends, and keeping up with trends, is vitally important for the effectiveness of your social media marketing. Engaging with trends will appeal to the maximum audience online at that given time. Your social media evaluation should aim to look at how effectively you engaged with trends and if you contributed, at all, to the promotion of a trend.


Does your social media campaign have any clout? Well there is a way to find out. Essentially, Klout will do a lot of your social media evaluation for you. Klout provides users and businesses alike the tools to analyze their influence across their social network. Taking information from your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more it measures the size of your network, the content you create and the number of interactions as a result.

Klout gives you an idea of your “true reach”, the number of people who actively engage with you online. You also get a sense of the number of actions, retweets, likes, comments, you generate on your social networks. Not only will Klout tell you how wide your audience is, it also claims to be able to tell you the value of you engages audience – do you have influential people within your network, for example. Klout awards you a scored out of 100, so if ever there was motivation to be competitive online, it’s here.

Social media evaluation should look to establish the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. This in turn should also aim to reflect your digital marketing plans. In short you plan, you evaluate your successes and failures and then you make a new plan.

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