Social media to businesses today should be an integral part of their marketing campaigns.  These 3 mind-boggling  and well-researched facts about social media will tell you more.

#1: “Social media is the No. 1 of all online activities, surpassing email, gaming and porn.” 

(Source: Buzzfeed)

What it means to your business, is that your consumers are on social media most of the time. So, your business needs to be in social media in order to reach out to more potential consumers there. It also tells us that traditional media such as print magazines, newspapers, radio and TVs are starting to lose its popularity as an effective marketing tool for businesses today.

Small vs Big? - Who will Win?
Small vs Big? – Who will Win?

Social media greatly changes the way we market and sell things. It is no longer the big boys winning the small boys. Any business, irregardless of it size, can have the equal opportunity to succeed in social media so long they have a strong marketing strategy. (You can look for me!)

#2: ”74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchasing decisions. About 57% of companies have acquired a customer via a blog, 62% via Linkedin, 52% via Facebook and 44% via Twitter.” 

(Source: Pew Internet)

What it means to businesses is that consumers today will do their research and due diligence on any products and services before making their buying decisions. Hence, those mass hype advertising and sales promotion shout-outs will not be as effective as before.

Credits: by Hugh Macleod
Credits: by Hugh Macleod

Another thing to know is that consumers today are more willing to listen to their friends for their recommendation of products on social media. Peers’ endorsements on products are more powerful than companies’ sales pitch.

The next thing businesses can learn is that creating value, in terms of good content through blogging and sharing on social media, is one of the best ways to increase consumer sales revenue today.

#3 “The average budget spent on company blogs and social media has tripled in three years.” 

(Source: The Social Skinny)

It means that if your business is not yet in the social media bandwagon, you can easily lose out to your competitors which are already in it!

Companies which have all along been inside their “comfort zone” may not want to market their business through social media. Many of them still prefer the traditional way of marketing and such inertia to change into new marketing ways may stop them from advancing.


On the other hand, companies which have been actively marketing via social media will therefore get to enjoy better sales revenue and branding opportunities than other companies that do not market on social media.

In summary,

These 3 facts tell us that it is not why your business needs social media; but why your business has not yet started on social media! Time is money. If your business has not yet started on social media, hope you can start it soon. Good luck!