Social MediaSocial media networks are the single greatest advertising avenues to happen in the world of business since the Internet itself. Not only is social media marketing cost effective, but it’s also a terrific place to gather leads, connect with like-minded business people, and get to know your audience a little better.

The major downside to marketing a brand through social media is that it can be time consuming and tedious in seeing the results, especially when you go at it alone.

But through constant updating and testing, and with a dedicated team of social media experts by your side, achieving success and seeing results through social media is not only possible, it’s inevitable. Get your whole team involved and active in social media, don’t do it all alone.

Here are 3 quick and extremely helpful social media marketing tips any brand can implement today.

1. Call to Action

Sometimes overlooked in social media, a call to action is an integral and vitally important part of running a successful social media marketing campaign. Calls to action are designed to help people take an action, and in terms of social media this can be sharing or liking a post, directing traffic to your company website, and getting your audience to buy a product or service.

The underlying goal of a call to action is to help the reader down the path of becoming a sale or lead. With this said, nearly every Facebook post or Twitter tweet should contain some type of call to action within the main message. Even something as ridiculously simple as “Help us spread the word!” or “Check out our new product on our website!” is ten times more effective than just the message itself.

2. Content Strategy

Mari Smith, something of a social media marketing authority figure, said it best in her book, 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Reach, by saying “Content is King but engagement is Queen, and she rules the house.” This statement is absolutely true in terms of social media marketing. Sure, content is great but if a Twitter tweet is dull, uninspiring and lacks depth, no one will care to share it or even be a part of it.

The point of this is to think about engagement before quality when communicating with your social media followers. Become stricter on what you decide to put out there through your social media outlets, and make absolutely sure whatever you’re communicating to your audience is engagement friendly.

3. Less Equals More

One of the main problems faced by individual marketers and business owners is that they try to take on too much too soon. Trying to tackle half a dozen social media sites at once is spreading your brand too thin and makes everything seem more complicated than it needs to be. Stick to one or two social media sites at first, and then after your company begins to see noticeable results, move on to more.

Social media marketing is constantly evolving, so do not make the mistake of trying to conquer everything at once, zero in on one site and persist until you achieve what your brand needs, which is a heavier online presence.

For more information on how social media marketing can improve your online presence and catapult your brand forward, feel free to contact us today.

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