We spend hours a day scrolling through our news feeds but how much content do we actually see and engage with

The quality of social media content plays an important role in the consumer buying process and the number of leads we generate online.

Here’s 3 essential elements to help boost your social media leads:

Using video content

In the last year the real shift for us marketers has been video. Facebook videos alone are generating over 8 billion views a month and Facebook Livehas taken a whole new meaning to rich content. Emerging networks such as Snapchat and Instagram have become the video innovators and other platforms are following in pursuit.

So why has video become such a game changer on social? It’s all users want to see; it’s interactive, visual and instantly engaging. Users are more likely to spend more time watching videos that are entertaining than scrolling through lengthy updates and posts.

If you haven’t yet added video into your content strategy you are falling vastly behind. Find yourself a video expert and they’ll do the rest for you!

Social media advertising

Social media advertising proactively targets users before they’ve even started searching. You are given a choice of advanced options to target your audience based on their location, interests and demographics.

Social ads offer instant analytics to help you measure you’re the performance online, something that is not available on any other advertising platform. Consumers are accessing social media apps multiple times a day, making it even easier for us to target them while they are active.

My advice for you is to not become a promotional nuisance on social media; users aren’t interested in sales posts and lengthy adverts. Remember social media is about building trust as a brand, if people believe in your products and trust what you say, they will come back for more.

Creating customer advocacy

Approach customers directly for case studies or even images, this is a great way to build customer loyalty and increase word of mouth for your business. If customers are happy with your product, it’s important you share this news with your followers and encourage customer growth.

Engage with your audience; RT, like, favourite, comment and share their feedback. If users are taking the time out to post positive feedback, images and videos, it’s important you acknowledge this.

Offering occasional incentives for customers to review your product, share images and help promotions will give you brand exposure. Simple and effective social media competitions and discount codes can win back multiple customers and lead you to new ones too.

I will leave you with this suitable quote: “We don’t have a choice how we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” – Erik Qualman