Why Buffer Is My Number One Choice Post Scheduler!

3 clever formulas to utilize Buffer you will want to go try right now.!

When I started out as a social media consultant over four years ago, I looked into several schedulers to help me be more productive in my daily tasks. Initially, I used Hootsuite, then I tried trial versions of SproutSocial and SocialOomph, too. I was still learning the social media ropes and social media platform details, never mind learning how to navigate and use tools. However, once I saw the Buffer dashboard, I immediately knew this was going to be the one for me. To me, Buffer is intuitive, easy to use, and has the best customer service in the industry.

Since I started using Buffer several years ago, I’ve had great interactions with their support team, saw the Power Scheduler implemented and most recently, have been enjoying using Buffer for Pinterest.

Buffer Is A Great Tool For The Busy Small Business Owner

In general, tools are designed and created to do several things.

Any tool should let you do your task:

  • with minimum effort – less effort for the same task done without a tool
  • faster – tools should save you time
  • with ease – if a tool is super complicated, no one will want to use it
  • to industry standards – a faulty tool is useless
  • long-term – a tool that’s only temporary or a one-time-thing is not time efficient

I am not alone in my love for Buffer. Many other small business owners are singing the praises of Buffer.
When I first started with Buffer, I used the free version. However, as my agency grew, and my portfolio grew, I needed more space in my Buffer; five profiles wasn’t nearly enough. I quickly signed up for Buffer for Business and I haven’t looked back.

Buffer For Business

With Buffer for Business I can access all of my own, as well as many of my clients accounts and post and schedule from one dashboard. I love the integration with Feedly as well – something that many of us social media consultants rave about. In a recent Skype chat with Rodolphe from Buffer, I learned that Buffer is always working on updates, improvements and new features. In my years of using Buffer, I’ve seen many changes myself, including the addition of PowerScheduler and Buffer for Pinterest. While we were chatting, I also realized that some of the strategies I use when I am using Buffer might not be strategies everyone else uses. Rodolphe seemed intrigued, for one.

I Buffer. You Buffer. We All Buffer For Business.

So there you have it. I am going to share three different formulas I use when I Buffer. Three formulas, or strategies, I use that work for me and my busy life, three formulas that help me be most productive when it counts. Three formulas that allow me to ‘multitask’ if you will and make me look good at the same time!

Here Are ‘3 Clever Formulas To Utilize Buffer You Will Want To Go Try Right Now!’

  1. Google Calendar +Evergreen Content + Buffer PowerScheduler = Allows me to schedule posts for when I know ahead of time when I am going to be out of the office, whether this is a scheduled meeting with a client, a networking event, the weekend, or a family vacation. The really neat part about PowerScheduler is that you can schedule that same update several times over, hitting different time zones and thus different audiences.
  2. Live Events + Photographs + Buffer Mobile App = I use this formula during live event when I don’t want to overload one channel with multiple pictures and posts too close together. Instead of tweeting out ten pictures in two minutes, I will use the Buffer mobile app on my iPhone to upload the ten pictures and set them to go out in intervals right from my phone.
  3. Feedly + Buffer Share Now = I visit Feedly, an RSS reader, up to three times per day to catch newly published articles in my own industry as well as industries my clients are part of. I like ‘discovering’ newly published and fresh content that way, and will use the Chrome extension and ‘share now’ function to send the new article straight to the right account in real time without having to log in.

BONUS Formula

Live Events + Promotional Tweets + Buffer Simple Composer = Allows me to preset several promotional posts during a busy live event. This could be a shoutout to a speaker, an article related to the speaker or networking event, or a series of pictures taken during a previous, similar event. This guarantees that even if I get too busy to tweet or post, there’s still content going out!

3 Clever Formulas To Utilize Buffer you will want to  go try right now...!

How Do You Buffer?

Now that I’ve spilled the Buffer beans, I’d love to know how you Buffer! Care to join the conversation and share your formula with me? Leave a comment below! I’d love to add a few new ‘tricks’ to my bag and I am sure my audience would love to learn more, too.