Hootsuite recently announced the retirement of its content suggestions, and several users were left devastated. After all, many marketers identify content curation and management as one of the most challenging tasks in their job descriptions.

Why content suggestion tools shut down

It isn’t the first time that a content suggestion tool has been shut down or retired. About two years ago, Swayy was acquired by SimilarWeb and shutdown. Prismatic closed shop on its content recommendation apps and Buffer laid its content suggestions module to rest.

Most content recommendation services have either found it difficult to survive due on low funds and returns, or have invested in external APIs that have shut down for the same reasons.

The necessity for apps that recommend content

It is most unfortunate that content curators are shutting shop, because content curation continues to grow in importance and relevance as more content gets produced on the internet.

Social media and content marketers need to come up with more content now than ever, to fight the noise on social media and the internet and be seen by their target audience. Since they can’t create all of that content, or manually search for it on a 1000 great sites, there is need for an app that can simplify that process.

3 great apps for content suggestions

You don’t have to focus solely on content curation apps, you can also try web monitoring or social listening apps to source your content. Additionally, you can also subscribe to top industry newsletters that curate content, or use RSS feed readers to aggregate your content. There are several apps that you can use as alternatives to Hootsuite Suggestions.



If you are looking for a social media manager tool that also doubles up as a content curator, DrumUp is a cool option. You can set up keywords on the app to receive content suggestions relevant to your interests. The app runs on a machine learning or NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm that scours the internet and serves up fresh content recommendations on a daily basis.

You can either schedule content straight from your recommendations feed, or favorite it and save it to a content library for future use. Additionally, you can also set up an RSS feed stream where you see posts taken from the RSS feeds that you attach to the app.

Google Alerts


Google Alerts is a free for use resource that you can use to set up alerts for any keyword. Google matches your keywords to all the articles that it indexes and notifies you of the latest mentions of your keywords of interest.

You can customize your report delivery frequency, decide which sources to monitor and manage the quality of results (by exactness of the match). Sources include blogs, news sites and webpages.



If you are looking for a social media listening app that also helps you surface content, Brand24 is a great option. You can set up alerts for certain keywords on the tool to get notified when content that mentions those keywords is published.

The tool not only covers social media posts, but also webpages, blogs, comments, news and other sources. The authority of the sources are also recorded on reports for your reference.