Rust is part of life.Photo by ppdigital.

Nothing lasts forever.

David Mullen once wrote a blog about communications, Andrea Hill wrote a blog about digital interactions, and Warren Sukernek wrote a blog about Twitter. That was then and this is now.

None of their blogs exist today.

That is, you can read their blogs but they don’t publish new content anymore. With rare exception in the months since, the crux of their content is from 2008 and 2009 until one day they stopped clicking the publish button. This fact of life is unfortunate because I subscribed to their blogs, loyally visited when new articles were published, and commented a lot.

Search this blog for their names and you will observe multiple references to blog articles I wrote that mention them, and many more articles that saw their comments.

While the trio remain dedicated to Twitter and other online media, I miss their blogs — and I encourage you to click the aforementioned links to revisit what I remember well.

It is one thing to announce why you’re quitting your blog, such as what Amy Mengel did earlier this summer, but it’s something else to write something one day and write nothing every day subsequent. Despite the contrary, blogging is not dying and you should not consider the idea.

Need to be inspired to write something on your blog? In lieu of adding a comment below, write a response on your own blog. It’s something to consider, anyway.