The social media crisis. So overwhelming. So controlling. So stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! Follow these 25 powerful tips and watch that crisis crumble to your mercy – and don’t forget the forgiveness and loyal following of your once angry customers!

    1. Speak! Don’t stay silent
    2. Confront the situation head on
    3. Don’t delete those negative comments
    4. Respond to each comment and complaint
    5. Be understanding, sincere and apologetic
    6. Build a loyal following before a crisis strikes
    7. Get all the facts before you release your official statement
    8. Release a detailed official statement
    9. Optimize your official statement for maximum reach
    10. Set up an FAQ that answers all possible questions about the crisis and your brand
    11. Respond in real-time
    12. Communicate with your staff
    13. Respond to the crisis on the same platform it broke out on
    14. Make every communication a two-way communication
    15. Don’t lose your cool – stay calm and focused on the end goal
    16. Understand that your customers are upset
    17. Clearly identify how you’re fixing the issue
    18. Explain how you will make sure the situation never happens again
    19. Give your advocates the opportunity to come to your defense
    20. Know which negative comments are not worth engaging with
    21. Never waver from your brand values or day-to-day message
    22. Regularly monitor the discussions around your brand (before, during and proceeding a crisis)
    23. Develop a social media crisis policy and make it accessible to all members of your staff
    24. Have a crisis team in place
    25. Understand the power of an apology

Special bonus tip: Document and analyze each event within the crisis

So there you have it! The 25 (+1) secrets to turning the tables on a crisis – taking the power away from the attacks and putting it right into YOUR hands!

Some strategies should be developed before a crisis, some during and some proceeding. But the important thing is to be prepared and capable of taking the negativity that comes with a social media crisis, and turning it into a positive opportunity for your business.

What secrets or tricks do you have up your sleeve for dealing with and overcoming a social media crisis? Share them with me below!