What’s the key to video marketing success right now? Good videos and an even better platform to host and promote that same video content.

With Vine, creativity is greatly rewarded with viral loops and as we all know everyone is after that viral recipe. Below I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the biggest players, when it comes to brands that is, using the Vine platform to a great degree. There’s one thing that you’ll notice with these brands, they are all using ridiculous amounts of creativity to get their name out and it’s certainly a mixed bunch with some really milking the product placement and others going the complete opposite way.

Micro-content is new kid on the block, it’s going to add plenty of potential for you and your brand and more importantly it’s completely leveling the playing field between David & Goliath style brands. Vine is your first port of call when it comes to constructing micro-content, measuring and aligning your goals all with relatively cheap investment and incredible ROI when done right.

Let’s dive into these Vines and get some ideas.


Gap’s Vine profile consists of artist based campaigns and videos, behind the scenes and fan videos create an incredibly approachable feeling.

Dunkin’ Donuts’

As you’d expect there’s a lot of food and coffee based videos on the Dunkin’ Donuts’ profile, I have to say they are one of the most creative brands out there when it comes to their Vine videos. Light hearted humour, coffee and a donut sounds like a match made in heaven!


Sephora goes slightly outside the fashion box as they provide some beauty tips and tricks to go alongside their product videos. Expect lots of colour and seasonal based videos.

Trident Gum

Trident has managed to get a large number of loops thanks to their creative plays on seasonal dates and a general focus on the moods people have throughout the week (Hump day, Friday wahoo!). A celebration of being a social individual!

USA Today

As you could guess, USA Today likes to play with important dates and upcoming events turning them into creative Vines.

Peanut Butter & Co

A whole bunch of peanut butter orientated videos and even more recipe ideas and pure deliciousness if you’re a peanut butter fan.


Target runs lots of fan focused competitions that encourage them to send in their own ideas and videos creating a whole bunch of creativity.

General Electric

General Electric should be considered the King of Vine right now, it seems like everything they do becomes a viral sensation. Well worth checking out their videos.


Hewlett-Packard is incredibly similar to Target with their Vine approach which encourages a lot of fan interaction and engagement, some great creativity to show off their products too.


Whilst some would say that using product placement for every video is a bad idea, Sony’s Vine profile is done incredibly well by using creative methods and including their products. You don’t feel like it’s a sleazy sales tool, but quite amusing.


Lot’s of professional athletes, products and sporting related Vines.


Samsung isn’t one to shy away from product promo but they manage to do it in an incredibly fun and engaging way.

Sesame Street

Lots of nostalgia can be found here, Sesame Street actually has an incredibly fun Vine account.


There’s an assortment of venues, events and behind the scenes action on the Volkswagen profile.


Vitacoco has an incredibly creative profile with funny Vines that focus around the product and the daily lifestyle, mostly active and exercise focused Vines but it certainly brightens up your day!


A lot of adrenaline and action packed Vines, my personal favourite (I spend plenty of hours on Youtube lost in the realms of action/extreme sport videos so 6 second shots are quite time saving).


Whilst Xerox’s Vine profile is very product focused they’ve put the effort into making it fun and not as bland as you’d expect it would be.

A lot of party themed Vines and usage of now famous Mariachi’s, especially with the World Cup Vines.

Cadbury UK

Lots and lots of chocolatey goodness, brace yourself for the inevitable recipe attempts you’ll be making once you’ve spent a few minutes on the Cadbury Vine profile.


Lowes creates super creative Vine videos and they come with an added bonus of offering home improvement tips and ideas all in an easy to follow and highly amusing manner.

Oreo Cookie

Oreo is a great example of a brand thinking on their feet when it comes to real time updates and having fun. A very enjoyable profile to check out.

Ritz Crackers

Ritz Crackers is a fine example of how you can get creative, engage your audience and not involve product promotion.


Mashable is the most popular media based company on Vine right now with 14 million loops. They cover events and include a lot of employees in their Vines.

Nike Football

Lot’s of professional athletes and even more product promotion.


“You either love it or hate it” is not what I’m going to say about Marmite’s Vine account because with all the incredible creativity and fun on their account you’re going to love it. Guaranteed.

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