22 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014

There was a tipping point last year that has major implications for business and brands. It will impact publishing and marketing.

One of the worlds biggest music stars ignored the traditional mass media product launching process. She bypassed the traditional mass media release of a radio campaign, multiple TV appearances and retail and consumer brand promotions. Instead she announced it on Instagram to her 8 million followers with the word “Surprise” and proceeded to launch the 14 songs and accompanying 17 videos on iTunes.

It was a success and it exceeded the album downloads of the previous album which had used the traditional marketing model. Its a trend that is not going away anytime soon.

Build your own networks now!

Businesses who are relentless in building a following on social media are in fact creating their own publishing platforms, growing their marketing channels and content distribution networks. It is a digital asset that grows every year. Over time it can can provide huge leverage and marketing independence if done right.

So with that in mind let’s have a look at where the major social media networks are up to at the start of 2014.

Social web demographics

Social media is a blur of tweets, shares and content. No longer is it just used by the young and the restless. It is global and embedded in every corner of the web.

So some questions. Which age groups are using social media, what countries are big Facebook users and what percentage are using mobile to access social media?

This is the who and the where of social media users.

  1. 72% of all internet users are now active on social media
  2. 18-29 year olds have an 89% usage
  3. The 30-49 bracket sits at 72%
  4. 60 percent of 50 to 60 year olds are active on social media
  5. In the 65 plus bracket, 43% are using social media
  6. Time spent on Facebook per hour spent online by country. Here are the top three. USA citizens get the top gong at 16% followed by the Aussies at 14 minutes and the Brits at 13 minutes.
  7. 71% of users access social media from a mobile device.

The paradigm of social media only being used by the younger generation should be put to rest now.


Facebook is still the biggest kid on the block, but there are some pundits predicting that by 2016 Google+ will surpass Facebook on “social sharing”.

Here are some of the latest figures to mull over.

  1. There are now over 1.15 billion Facebook users
  2. One million web pages are accessed using the “Login with Facebook” feature
  3. 23 percent of Facebook users login at least 5 times per day
  4. 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases
  5. 70% of marketers used Facebook to gain new customers


Prying the numbers out of Google for Google+ has always been a challenge. A bit like getting a date with the prettiest girl in the class. Not impossible but it doesn’t happen very often.

So what are the latest numbers?

  1. There are now over 1 billion with Google+ enabled accounts
  2. It has reached 359 million monthly active users
  3. Google+ is growing at 33% per annum.
  4. The 45 to 54 year old bracket increased its usage on Google+ by 56% since 2012

When you consider that it has only been around for not even 3 years yet then it is a success on many levels. So Google must be happy with with its investment which is north of $500 million that it initially invested in Google+


Twitter has to be taken seriously. Last year it took off its short pants and become a public company. So what is happening in the Twittersphere?

  1. There are now over 550 million registered users
  2. 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads
  3. Twitter was the fastest growing network with a 44% growth from 2012-2013
  4. 215 million monthly active users

Twitter has also made some changes in the last few months that has made it more visual and engaging. Business should no longer be ignoring the 140 character pip squeak.

The others

We haven’t mentioned some important social media channels these include. Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, Slideshare and many others.

This year expect the visual social media networks to hit more home runs.

Keep an eye on these two:

  1. Pinterest with 20 milion active monthly users
  2. Instagram with 150 million active monthly users.

Here is an Infographic from Search Engine Journal that provides a visual medium for the social media facts and statistics you should know in 2014.

Source of Infographic: Search Engine Journal

What about you?

Any surprises? Are you growing your social networks fans and followers? Which social network works best for you.

Look forward to your stories and insights in the comments below

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