Trick #1: Blast emails to your list. — Instead of asking your friends to follow you on Snapchat, send emails to your list and let them know the benefits they are going to receive when they add you on “Snapchat”. REMEMEBER: The more reasons you give your followers, the higher your chances to get them to follow you on Snapchat.

Trick #2: Utilize to add Snapchat users in your niche every day. — Even though this technique is a little outdated, but in reality, it will seduce other users to follow you on Snapchat.

Trick #3: Utilize to add Snapchat users. — This is the place you can go to follow users in your niche. Remember: Right now, Snapchat user has grown to over 1.5 Billion users (2016), there are still relatively new to the market place. So, the more you concentrate on dominating your niche, the higher your chances to grow your business virally in the future.

Trick #4: Add One “Story” per day to your audience that focuses on social proof. — If you are a weight loss consultant, it is important to show the “before” and “after” picture of each client you helped on transforming their life.

Trick #5: Add One “Story” per day to your audience that focuses on educational post. — If you are a coach or a consultant, it is important to educate your audience with each story you publish on Snapchat.

Remember: People love to claim that they are the best in the industry. The true experts know that relationship is everything in your business. The more “educational” post you share with your audience, the higher the chances your audience will purchase any products you recommend.

Trick #6: Segment Your Snapchat Followers. — You need to send messages to your core clients. You need to send messages to your customers. You need to send messages to your regular followers. It also means that when you send out messages to your Snapchat Followers, you need to “Pick and Choose” which followers you are going to send out to. This allows you to satisfied different type of clients in your business.

Trick #7: Put your Snapcode on your website. — This allows other Snapchat users to add you to their Snapchat account.

Trick #8: Greet each new follower that follow you on Snapchat. — The idea is to create a default “welcome video” where you can send to new followers who follow you on Snapchat. Why is this important? Every personal touch you share with each follower will establish a “bonded” relationship with your audience.

Trick #9: Make friends with some Snapchat users. — Why is this important? Well, when you make friends with 10 top Snapchat marketers, you are able to work together on repost each other snaps. This allows you to grow your followers virally.

Trick #10: Create animated “Ghost Code”. — You see, 99% of the Ghost Codes on Snapchat are not animated. However, when you add an animated version of your “Ghost Code”, it will stand out from the rest.

Trick #11: Utilize your picture for your “Ghost Code”. — This is what we refer as “Branding”. Remember: The more people see your face whether it is on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and much more, the more they perceived you as the authority figure in your niche.

Trick #12: Mimic the idea of Snapchat posts from the “Discover” features within Snapchat. — Well, it is a no-brainer for sure. Why? Well, big corporations such as: CNN, ESPN, BuzzFeed, and much more spent millions of dollars to perfected their posts. So, Why not utilize their “best” posts as a way to create your post. (Of course, you are not going to copy-n-paste. Instead, you need to model the way they structure their posts)

Trick #13: Add signature file for every outgoing email. — You just need to mention something like… “P.S. You can always follow my every move on Snapchat. Then, show them the snapcode where your audience can scan it.

Trick #14: Use your name as your Snapchat username. — This allows you to create a branding process from the beginning stage. Instead of utilizing a username such as: alskask. Utilize a username such as: johndoe. This will further help you with the branding process.

Trick #15: Put your snapcode everywhere on the Internet. –It could be on your thank you page, squeeze page, download page, members area, Facebook group, FB profile, and much more. The more you put your snapcode to any part of the virtual estate, the higher your chances to get followers for your business.

Trick #16: Add One “Story” per day in your local area. — Let’s just say if you reside in New York and you are a restaurant owner, you can add pictures of Happy Customers in your area. This allows local people who are in the area to visit your restaurant.

Trick #17: Create A Special Discount in Exchange to Following You on Snapchat. — Create an incentive for your audience to Follow you on Snapchat.


Create a contest where you can ask your audience to scan your snapcode where they can get a coupon code for a 90% discount on your latest product at $99. (Well, it doesn’t matter whether it is $99 product or $10 product. My point is… “Utilize the special discount”.

Trick #18: Create a cash contest. — You can use *real* cash as part of your contest where you ask people to follow you or engage conversation with your post on Snapchat. In addition, you can also provide *gift certificate* that can be used to purchase your product.


1st Winner = $100 + $500 Gift Certificates to YOURPRODUCTS.

2nd Winner = $75 + $400 Gift Certificates to YOURPRODUCTS.

3rd Winner = $50 + $250 Gift Certificates to YOURPRODUCTS.

4th Winner = $25 + $150 Gift Certificates to YOURPRODUCTS.

5th Winner = $75 Gift Certificates to YOURPRODUCTS.

Trick #19: Add Snapcode on your flyers or business card . — This is vitally important for real estate brokers or local business owners.

Trick #20: Ask Your Audience to Share Your Username on Snapchat. — A lot of time, people will do it just for the fun of it especially when you become the authority figure in your niche.

Trick #21: Take Pictures with Other Authority Figure in Your Niche and Publish Them on Snapchat. — When you publish pictures of other authority figures especially with their username on it, they are more than willing to reciprocate with you. It is that powerful.