Pew Research Center has released its 2015 study on Social Media and Mobile Messaging.

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Pew Research has consistently measured Social Media  over the past four years.  They have found that each of the platforms has seen a significant increase in usage by U.S. Adults.  Some Social Sites more than others.

2015 social users


Facebook is still the most popular site, but it was the only platform that did not see any growth and has not seen any remarkable growth since 2012.

72% of online adults are using Facebook, 62% of the entire adult population is using the site.  Facebook continues to have the most users. Younger adults make up the bulk of Facebook users, coming in at 82% compared to 48% of those 65 and older.  Facebook is pretty evenly distributed among locations.  Made up by 74% of urban users, 72% of suburban users and 67% of rural users.

facebook by age


31% of online adults are using Pinterest, which is not a huge change from 2014 when 28% of online adults were using the platform.  Additionally, 26% of the entire adult population is using the site.  Women continue to dominate with 44% of online women using the site.  Users are also more likely to be under the age of 50 with the most users being 30 to 49 years old.

Pinterest gender


28% of adults online use Instagram and 24% of the entire adult population uses the site.  Young, non-white adults favor this platform.  55% of online adults ages 18 to 29 are using Instagram.  47% of users are African American and 38% are Hispanic.  And, as with most of the platforms, women are more likely to be users than men, 31% of women compared to 24% of men.

instgram users


Twitter users have not changed, staying steady at 23% of online adults, which is the same as 2014.  20% of the entire adult population uses Twitter.  Twitters largest demographic is 18 to 29 year olds, 32% are using the site.  3 in 10 online urban residents are using Twitter while only 21% of suburbanites and a mere 15% of rural dwellers are using the platform.

twitter by earnings

The information in this report was gathered by telephone interviews conducted in March and April 2015.  The sample included 1,907 adults 18 years and older.

To see the full report visit the Pew Research Center.