18 Very Real Struggles of a Social CMO

Being a Chief Marketing Officer can be difficult at times. In order to brighten your day, we have put together some very real gifs. Laugh, enjoy and share!

1. You are surrounded by acronyms – crm, lol, pos, ttyl, esp, brb…its hard to differentiate them all

2. Let’s just say you prefer words over numbers…

3. Thirteen year olds know more about social media than your marketing managers

4. Your marketing managers look like thirteen year olds

5. Your time-tested marketing strategies don’t translate well into social strategies

6. You’ve heard talk that Facebook may be on its way out

facebook animated GIF

7. You have to include Google Plus in your marketing strategies

8. The best marketing ploy out there currently involves selfies

9. When people see that your office is not Pinterest perfect

10. People assume you are the life of the party at Holiday Corporate events

11. Your marketing managers seem to suggest social contests every month

12. Sometimes, you feel like you know too much about your customers

13. Other times, you don’t know who your customers are

14. Your CEO doesn’t know the difference between likes, follows, pluses, RTs, hearts, and pins and doesn’t care

15. Your CFO doesn’t care how many likes, follows, pluses, RTs, hearts or pins your campaigns get

16. You can’t pinpoint revenue from your investment in social

17. Sometimes big marketing ideas end up like this

18. BUT at the end of the day, remember