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social media strategyCan anyone escape building a strong social media presence in 2013? In case you’re wondering, we think the answer is a resounding no. The benefits are irrefutable, for brands, personal brands and everything in between. Do social, and do it well.

We present to you the following blogs, which can take your game plan up more than a few notches. They’re not deliberately ordered, because we couldn’t possibly pick a favorite:

1. Pam Moore

It’s pretty easy to get sucked into Pam’s blog, Marketing Nut. Her content on increasing engagement, improving your strategy and portraying your company the way you want to, is really accessible but smart all at the same time. As an added bonus, she’s pretty dang funny and has been known to expound on the difference between hashtags and hashbrowns while still educating readers on the finer points of Twitter strategy.

2. Socially Sorted

There are some bloggers that just kind of scoot along the surface of topics, never bothering to delve deep. Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted definitely doesn’t fit into this category. Her blog is pretty much a one-stop shop if you want to really understand the trends and functions that are shaping the sharpest social media strategies, like location-based marketing through Facebook.

3. The Social Skinny

Cara Pring of The Social Skinny isn’t the most prolific blogger online, but when she does blog, it’s incredibly. Like guaranteed-viral incredible. Stick her in your RSS reader (or subscribe via email) and keep your eyes peeled for her occasional round-ups of 200+ social media stats. Can we just say it’s content inspiration for weeks?

4. My Social Game Plan

If you’re on the lookout for a well of content that’s designed to guide social media professionals into true experts, look no further. My Social Game Plan is run by fellow Southerner Jonathan Payne, and it’s a well of content about brands doing everything right (or wrong), stellar guest posts, and strategy. Word to the wise: he’s always looking for quality guest posts!

5. Top Dog Social Media

There’s really not enough content on social media blogs about how to refine your LinkedIn strategy, but Top Dog social media is part of the solution. Melanie Dodaro is an expert on the most grown-up major social media network, but she covers the other platforms really well, too. Don’t miss her #RealTalk posts, in which she addresses the questions we all wonder about, like does anyone care about #FollowFriday anymore?

6. Social Media Revolver

With a tagline of “aim before you shoot,” this blog definitely has a mission that we can all get behind. Their posts are bold and often inspired by pop culture icons. Recent content includes the team’s thoughts on alternatives for LinkedIn and taking your social media strategy global. Not to mention a post we know you’re dying to read, a compare/contrast style analysis of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber’s Twitter presences.

7. Social Media Examiner

There’s a recognized giant in virtually every blogging niche, and you simply can’t ignore the quality and quantity of content published on Social Media Examiner. It’s a definite leader for a reason – it’s really good stuff. They win serious bonus points in our book for the fact they publish on Slideshare, which is believed to have the best SEO of any network.

8. Razor Social

While this blog was founded by Ian Clearly, it actively accepts posts from marketing experts, like Marcus Sheridan and Heidi Cohen. It’s an amalgam of the best of the best on the web, and it’s a great place to head if you’re curious about the tools used by some of the real-life social media greats. Much of the content available focuses on improving your approach and saving time, which we could likely all benefit from.

9. Ignite Social Media

We love seeing examples of other agencies that blog well, and Ignite is definitely in that category. There’s plenty of pragmatic advice that’s ready-for-the road, and recent topics covered include how to make better video content and brainstorming content ideas for your company’s channels.

10. Sprout Insights

Planning on newsjacking that new social media update, like the redesigned LinkedIn jobs or integrating Google Takeout into your workflow? Sorry, but there’s a really good chance Sprout Insights has beaten you to it. Much of this star blog’s content is about the latest trends and changes in the field.

11. Scott Monty

Ever wonder if that self-proclaimed social media guru is really qualified to be giving out advice? Scott Monty definitely doesn’t fit in that category, and he currently serves as global head of social for Ford Motor Company. He’s an outstanding resource for professional social managers, or marketers working with high-visibility brands. Or just anyone curious about a day in the life of a pretty big deal.

12. Social Media Collective Research Blog

Ever wonder about the really big, really brainy picture? Like how social media is really affecting the way we interact with others, society and ourselves? Look no further than this awesome site run by a group of researchers at Microsoft. It’s definitely heavy on the data and fresh insights.

13. Radian 6 Blog

Does Salesforce do anything poorly? Thoughts on superior CRM software aside, the Radian6 blog is pretty great. There’s never a shortage of well-written insights on trends, best practices, and PR tips.

14. Chris Brogan

Could Chris Brogan technically be called a social media blogger? Did he really denounce talking about social media recently? We’re sure the first answer is yes, but you’ll have to head to his blog to learn the second. It’s not the best resource for anyone who is weighing the benefits of just getting started on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re already immersed, it’s brilliant.

15. More Visibility

This company blog is another that might not post daily, but it’s well worth the wait in between posts. The organization was a member of the Inc 5000 for 6 consecutive years (you read that right). It’s clear their people are smart, which is why it’s a go-to source for the latest news and updates in the field.

Is there anyone we missed? Share your favorite social blogs in the comments, and we’ll be sure to check them out!

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