With the release of Twitter’s new video service, Vine, brands should take note of what could be the next viral medium. It’s posed to try to break into social video the way Instagram revolutionized mobile photo sharing. With six second videos that can be shared through the Vine app, Twitter or Facebook, creative minds have already jumped in with videos with a winning combination of entertainment, fun, and amusement. We’re already seeing a lot of possibilities for brands.

How can your brand use Vine?

  1. Introduce new products
  2. Show your work environment in action
  3. A glimpse of your full length videos
  4. Campaign teaser introductions with URL for more information
  5. Create short stories that address a market need
  6. Thank your customers
  7. Take snapshots of industry events
  8. Pose interesting questions about your product category
  9. Display your company’s creativity and fun
  10. Spark interest in a blog post
  11. Visualize your brand
  12. Congratulate new employees
  13. Ask your boss for a raise!

There are new tools, apps, and websites cropping up daily, providing seemingly infinite ways to showcase your brand. In today’s social media world, with millions of posts coming from oodles of various social media channels, the challenge for your brand is: how will you break through the clutter? How will you use different mediums to bring your brand to life? How will you connect your brand with customers on an emotional level?

Vine provides a fun new way to communicate ideas with customers. It provides a lot of creative freedom for brands to differentiate their products and services from the competition.

Will you use Vine for your business?

If you’re stuck, shoot us a message or give us a call, we would love to brainstorm with you!