Social media marketing keeps getting harder. The burning questions entrepreneurs are asking: How do I reach my target audience? How do I get interaction on my business page? How do I stand out in the crowd? And more.

Integrate these tips into your routine today to improve your reach.

  1. Double check graphic sizes before having your graphic designer create any graphics for your ads as they are always changing. My current favorite source is on Dreamgrow. If you use a program such as Canva, their templates are usually current with size requirements.
  1. Graphics of people often convert better than graphics of things. Think about what you relate to most. Is it interesting people or objects? Now how does that apply to your target audience?
  1. Social media marketing is about the conversations you can start or join that advance engagement. Ask meaningful questions and reply to your followers.
  1. If you choose to boost a post or use paid ads, narrow your target. For example, instead of Men and Women in the U.S. between 18 and 65, target Women in the Southeast. between the ages of 30 and 50. This should reflect your target market. You’ll get more engagement, get more results, and reduce costs.
  1. Try boosting blog posts on Twitter instead of Facebook, Twitter has a lower cost per click. If you’re successful, then do it on Facebook too.
  1. On Twitter and Instagram, create actionable hashtags like #runfree that Nike used in one of their campaigns. You’ll get more attention.
  1. Social is about life. You can leverage life events in your social campaigns to make a huge impact on your audience. For example, share pictures from a dinner out with clients or your 40th birthday and share how these relate to your follower’s interests and needs.
  1. Try bypassing the landing page by using “call now” buttons so you can talk directly to potential customers or sell directly without a landing page.
  1. Social needs to be hyper-visual. Create a beautiful visual experience for your followers on social media. Be sure to stay on brand with colors, fonts and messaging.
  1. Focus on building communities on social with #hashtags on Twitter and actual groups on Facebook.
  1. Use live events to increase engagement. You can use Facebook Live, Twitter Live, or others.
  1. Use the tools on social media to laser target your market down to very specific audiences. For example, if you are targeting moms about your parenting blog and a specific resource, you could even target parents of children with autistic kids or kids who have any problem at all.
  1. It’s important to monitor your social media marketing activities whether paid or free to ensure that the time and money you spend is getting the results you expect. Use this information to constantly tweak your marketing tactics.