13Social media marketing is the fastest growing area of influence in the digital world. It encompasses social media campaigns, strategy and optimization, and increases brand visibility, engagement and conversions. 83% of marketers say that social media is important to their business. That number continues to elevate as Internet capabilities advance, necessitating a brand social presence.

At ZOG Digital, we have quite a lot of experience in digital marketing (In fact, our CEO, Jeff Herzog, started iCrossing before Google was around!). So we decided to share our compiled social media marketing “wisdom” in the list below:

Social Media Marketing Rules:

1. Offer value – give users a reason (by way of deals, hints, advice, insider information) to follow you or “like” your page.

social rules fb
2. Engage users and identify social influencers.
3. Interact with your audience – ask questions and listen (respond, retweet, “like”).

social rules tw
4. Prompt action and encourage sharing.
5. Quality over quantity (Focus on image optimization, not just multiplication).

social rules target 2
6. Build on the buzz: utilize trending, timely topics (be creative as to how you can insert your products/services).
7. Have fun! Social media is not just marketing but also entertainment (See the situations in which Pepto-Bismol imagines will lead you to their product).

social rules pepto
8. Connect with your community and others within your industry.
9. Cross-promote on all networks (I.e. Display your Pinterest offerings on Google+).

google nch
10. Know your voice and keep it consistent.
11. Organize content by way of a social calendar (Plan out ideas in advance but leave wiggle room for trending topics).

social rules calendar ex
12. Target content based on network and audience demographics.
13. Be active in responding and pursuing conversations (Being social can make a difference!).

social rules tb

As the world of social media continues to evolve and improve, it’s important to build a presence now. Social media marketing can increase visibility and influence consumers (as shown above in Taco Bell’s tweet praise), and the opportunities continue to expand for businesses.

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