What’s new this year in the social media software industry? Not much, at least from our latest findings in an analysis of social media marketing tools.

Products and company taglines commonly used the terms analysis, monitoring, brand, and engagement. However, television and radio were missing from complete “path of news tracking” across both ads and editorial, with a greater focus on social networks, online sites (blogs, forums, etc.). With product development focused mostly on more Analytics – charts, graphs and visualizations, brands need to wonder, what content sets matter most?

It’s a crowded industry, so we compiled a list of 115 social media marketing platforms to help you find the one that works best for your brand, especially if you’re being mentioned on television.

Company Name Link Site Title Tagline
Actionly http://www.actionly.com/ Social Media Monitoring Tools & Social Media Dashboard Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring & Engagement
Affinity Answers http://www.affinityanswers.com/ Leverage Brand Affinity to Extend Audience Extend any audience segment by leveraging brand affinity
Ahalogy http://www.ahalogy.com/ The Marketer’s Solutions for Pinterest Everything your brand needs to drive measurable and impactful audience engagement
Artesian http://www.artesiansolutions.com/ Social Intelligence B2B selling is getting harder
Attensity http://www.attensity.com/ Business Intelligence Solutions | Social Listening Solutions | Business Data Analytics Enterprise-wide Data Discovery
Attentive.ly https://attentive.ly/ Welcome to Attentive.ly Convert Your Customers into Brand Advocates
AwarenessHub http://www.awarenesshub.com/#&panel1-1 Awareness | Social Media Management Tools | Social MarketingAwarenessHub | Social Marketing Software | Social Profiles | Social Scoring The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Tool For Business
Beevolve http://www.beevolve.com/ Social Media Analytics | Beevolve- Social Media ROI Powerful and easy-to-use Social Media Software for business
Bottlenose http://bottlenose.com/ Illuminate the Present Bottlenose illuminates the Trending Topics, People & Emotions affecting your business right now
Brandchats http://www.brandchats.com/en/ Social Media Analytics | Monitoring | Social Business Watch Your Brand
Brandle http://brandle.net/ Brandle, Inc. Control your brand with a living inventory
Brandwatch http://www.brandwatch.com/ Social Media Listening and Analytics Tools Use Social Listening to Power Any Decision- Find Meaning in the Conversations That Matter
Buffer https://bufferapp.com/ Social Media Management Buffer is the easiest way to publish on social media
BuzzBundle http://www.buzzbundle.com/ Buzzbundle Social Media Management Software, Monitoring Marketing Tools Powerful Social Media Software
Cision http://www.cision.com/us/ PR Software, Marketing, and Media Relations Software and Services Power Your Story with Cision’s integrated PR software suite
CommandPost http://getcommandpost.com/ Managed Social Media Solutions Intelligence to Drive Your Social Strategy
commun.it http://commun.it/ Twitter Community Management Dashboard | Twitter Marketing Tool Easy Twitter Management
Conversocial http://www.conversocial.com/ Social Customer Service Revolutionize your Customer Experience over Social Media
Crimson Hexagon http://www.crimsonhexagon.com/ Social Monitoring and Analytics Social Media Data Analytics- Customized for your Needs
Critical Mention http://www.criticalmention.com The global leader in real-time TV and media intelligence Search global TV, radio, online news, and social media, watch video, edit and share coverage, receive real-time alerts, gain insights through Analytics, and integrate TV data into business apps.
Crowdbooster http://crowdbooster.com/ Social Media Analytics Measure & Optimize Your Social Media Marketing
Curalate www.curalate.com/ Pinterest, Instagram + Tumblr Marketing & Analytics Tools Smarter Marketing Through Imagery
DataRank https://www.datarank.com/ Social Media Listening and Analytics Tools Turn Social Insights Into Decisions that Grow Sales
Digimind http://www.digimind.com/ Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Software Social Media Analytics for Business
Edgar http://meetedgar.com/ Social Media Scheduling & Management Tool The only app that stops social media updates from going to waste.
Engage121 http://www.engage121.com/ Engage121 Growing Brands Through Social
EngageSciences http://www.engagesciences.com/ The Marketing Engagement Platform For Today’s Mobile and Social Customer
Engagor https://engagor.com/ Social Media Management and Analytics Tools for Business Deliver a Great Customer Experience- Real-time platform for social customer service and engagement
Everypost http://everypost.me/ Everypost Social Media Management Made Easy
evocalize http://evocalize.com/ See Evocalize’s SaaS Platform in action. Engage. Understand. Amplify. SaaS-based Customer Engagement Platform for Marketers
Expion http://www.expion.com/ Mutual Mind Content marketing and social relationship management, simplified.
Falcon Social http://www.falconsocial.com/ Social Media Management Tool: Listen, Engage & Measure Social Media Management For Enterprise.
Gaggle AMP https://gaggleamp.com/ Amplify, Analyze and Align Social Media Empower your employees, partners and customers to share your social media
gazeMetrix https://www.gazemetrix.com/ Locate and manage your brand in social photos Locate and manage your brand in social photos
Good Audience http://www.goodaudience.com/ Social Media Accounts Fully Managed Twitter and Instagram for Business
Gremln https://www.gremln.com/ Secure Social Media Compliance and Marketing Secure Social Media
Hearsay Social http://hearsaysocial.com/ Hearsay Social Attract prospects. Retain customers. Deepen relationships. Grow Business.
Hootsuite https://hootsuite.com/ Social Media Management Dashboard Get serious about social
Infegy http://infegy.com/ Advanced Social Monitoring and Analytics Social media monitoring software that gives you answers
Inside Social http://www.insidesocial.com/#i.eg2x72oj0d92tx Social Marketing Platform Stop Hoping Social Works. Prove It.
Insightpool http://insightpool.com/ The Audience Cultivation and Conversion Platform Social Identification and Nurturing- Real Connections With Real People
Keyhole http://keyhole.co/ Hashtag Tracking for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram What would you like to track in real-time?
Kinetic http://www.kineticsocial.com/ Kinetic Social Our mission is to make every social encounter between people and brands welcome, engaging, and empowering.
Lexalytics http://www.lexalytics.com/ Lexalytics State-of-the-art technologies to turn unstructured text into useful data
Linkfluence http://linkfluence.com/en/ Linkfluence Linkfluence helps you leverage social media conversations to create value for your business.
Lithium http://www.lithium.com/ Social Software for Customer Community Management & Social Media Marketing Solutions People share. Get in on the conversation.
Little Bird http://www.getlittlebird.com/ Social Intelligence Software for Modern Marketing &Sales The Future of Influencer and Advocate Marketing- Find the most relevant, credible influencers and content- on demand and at scale.
ManageFlitter https://manageflitter.com/ Work faster & smarter with Twitter Reach more of your followers with every Tweet
Manalto http://www.manalto.com/ Manalto Inc Manalto. Built to Simplify. Efficiently manage your brand and risk across social media.
Marketwired http://www.marketwired.com/ Marketwired News Distribution Made Easier
MavSocial http://mavsocial.com/ Visual Content Management and Publishing Visual Content Management & Social Publishing Software
Meltwater http://www.meltwater.com/ Online Media Monitoring – Public Relations Software – Social Marketing Software Make Informed Decisions with Marketing & PR Software
Mention https://en.mention.com/ Real-time media monitoring application Never miss a thing online
Meshfire http://www.meshfire.com/ Social Media Management Dashboard with AI Manage your twitter community with AI superpowers
Moodwire http://moodwire.com/default/ Moodwire Coming soon!
Moxie http://www.gomoxie.com/ Customer Engagement | Knowledge Base | Live Chat | Email Anticipate intent, connect in real time and engage customers.
muHive http://www.muhive.com/ powering the ALWAYS ON social business We are right where the world is heading
Mutual Mind http://mutualmind.com/ Mutual Mind Your customers are talking about you right now. It’s time to take action. It’s time to listen…smarter.
NetBase http://www.netbase.com/ Social Media Analytics Platform Let Customer Passion Drive Your Next Move
Networked Insights http://www.networkedinsights.com/ Real-time Marketing Insights Outperform your competition
NUVI http://www.nuvi.com/ Real-Time Social Intelligence Real-Time Social Intelligence- Harness the Conversation
Oktopost http://www.oktopost.com/ Social Media Management for B2B Marketing One Powerful Platform for Social Media Management
oneQube http://oneqube.com/ Real-time Social Media Tools See Your Social Media Come to Life.
Plumlytics http://plumlytics.com/ Social Media Predictive Analytics, Social Media Management Tool Social Marketing OS – BETA. Market Across Paid, Owned and Earned social media
Pocket Social http://beta.pocketsocial.co.uk/ Pocket Social Social Media Manager in Your Pocket
Postano http://www.postano.com/ Social Media for Brands The Social Creativity Platform for {use cases}
quintly https://www.quintly.com/ Social Media Analytics and Competitor Benchmarking Professional Social Media Analytics- Track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance
ScheduGram http://schedugr.am/ Instagram made easy for brands An easier way to manage Instagram
Scoreboard Social https://www.scoreboardsocial.com/ Competitive Social Media Analytics Competitive Social Media Analytics
Sendible http://sendible.com/ Social Media Management, Monitoring & Analytics Tools Organize, Prioritize & Stay Engaged On Social Media
Shoutlet http://www.shoutlet.com/ Enterprise Social Relationship Platform | Build Social Relationships That Build Business Build Social Relationships That Build Business
Simply Measured http://simplymeasured.com/ Easy Social Media Analytics & Measurement Social Media Analytics Designed for Serious Marketers
Sniply http://snip.ly/ Social Media Conversion Share Content. Drive Traffic.
Socedo http://www.socedo.com/ Get qualified social leads every day Social Media Prospecting, Made Easy
Social Integration http://www.socialintegration.com/ Social Media and Reputation Management Simplified Social Media and Reputation Management Simplified
Socialbakers http://www.socialbakers.com/ Social Media Marketing, Statistics & Monitoring Tools Smarter Social Marketing Starts Here.
SocialBro http://www.socialbro.com/ The #1 marketing platform for Twitter Analyze, engage and monetize your Twitter audience
SocialChorus http://www.socialchorus.com/ Enterprise Advocate Marketing Solution for Employees & Ambassadors Make Consuming and Sharing Company Content Easy, Rewarding and Safe for Every Employee
SocialClout http://www.socialclout.com/ Social Media Monitoring Tool, Analytics Software, Lead Generation Solution Your Gateway to the Social Media
SocialFlow http://www.socialflow.com/ Data-Driven Social Media Management, Marketing &PublisingSocialFlow How do you capture their attention?
Socialmetrix http://socialmetrix.com/ Social Media Analytics Discover your audience and their feelings
SocialMotus http://www.socialmotus.com/ Social Media Management Software Social Monitoring Tool for Facebook Twitter Social Media Management and Monitoring Tools for Business
SocialRank https://www.socialrank.com/ SocialRank Find & Analyze Your Followers
Socialtyze http://socialtyze.com/ Social brilliance powered by beautiful data Social Media Storytellers
SocialVolt http://www.socialvolt.com/ Social Media Management Software Get your social media game on.
Socialware http://socialware.com/ Trust Social. Advanced content recommendation & engagement capability.
Sociota https://www.sociota.net/ Social Media DashBoard The All New Sociota – Toolkit for Highly Successful Social Media Campaigns
Spredfast https://www.spredfast.com/ Social Media Management | Enterprise Marketing Platform Marketing at the Speed of Life
Sprinklr https://www.sprinklr.com/ Social Media Management: Social Media Analytics & Strategy The Most Complete Social Software Platform In The World
Sprout Social http://sproutsocial.com/ Social Media Management Software A Management & Engagement Platform for Social Business
StatSocial http://www.statsocial.com/ Understand and target your social audience Understand and target your social audience
StoryStream http://storystream.it/ Content Curation Tool & Social Media Aggregator Bring together the best customer, fan and owned content to fuel your brand story
Syncapse http://www.syncapse.com/ Smarter Marketing Enabled by Social Intelligence Social Intelligence that enables smarter marketing
Synthesio http://synthesio.com/corporate/en#home Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Social Intelligence through Customer Lifecycle
Sysomos http://www.sysomos.com/ Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Tools Harnessing the power of social intelligence
Tagboard https://tagboard.com/ Tagboard Search any #hashtag
Tailwind http://www.tailwindapp.com/ Pinterest Management, Marketing and Analytics Smarter Pinterest Marketing
Talkwalker http://www.talkwalker.com/en/social-media-analytics-search/ Powerful Social Media Analytics for Brands Powerful Social Media Analytics for Brands
Thunderclap https://www.thunderclap.it/ Thunderclap Thunderclap amplifies your message with the power of the crowd
Tint https://www.tintup.com/ Display Any Social Feeds Anywhere Display any social feeds for … (use case slides in and out — campaigns, events, in-store screens, etc)
Topsy http://topsy.com/ Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics Search and Analyze the Social Web.
TrackMaven http://trackmaven.com/ Competitive Intelligence for Digital Marketers Competitive Intelligence for Digital Marketers
Trackur http://www.trackur.com/ Social Media Monitoring Tools & Sentiment Analysis Software Simple, Fast, & Affordable Social Media Monitoring
Tracx http://www.tracx.com/ Unified Social Media for the Enterprise The social enterprise runs on Tracx- the next generation enterprise social platform.
Tradable Bits https://tradablebits.com/ Social Media Marketing & Content Aggregation for Enterprises Realize Your Social Media Value
TrendSpottr http://trendspottr.com/welcome.php Welcome to TrendSpottr Transforming Social Media Noise Intro Actionable Early Signals
TwineSocial http://www.twinesocial.com/ Build Social Media Hubs for Brands and Agencies Social Media Displays for Brands and Agencies
Two 42 Solutions two42solutions.com/ Two 42 Solutions Public Opinion Research & Analytics for Companies, Political Campaigns, and Public Policy Initiatives.
Unified http://www.unifiedsocial.com/#~p1i7FINBbmijEN Social Media Insights, Content, & Advertising Smart Social for Smart Marketers
Unmetric https://www.unmetric.com/ Social Media Analytics from Unmetric The only social media intelligence platform focused on brands. Everything else is just numbers.
ViralHeat https://www.viralheat.com/ Enterprise Social Media Marketing and Analytics Social monitoring, analytics, and content marketing in a single intuitive interface
Viraltag https://www.viraltag.com Pinterest Marketing and Management Tool for Brands, Businesses and Bloggers Marketing Platform for Visual Content
Walls.io https://walls.io/ Walls.io Your hashtags unleashed. Collect and present Content from 10+ Social Platforms.
Wayin http://wayin.com/ Social Media Intelligence and Visualizations Wayin is a social intelligence and visualization company that integrates social content into new experiences for consumers and delivers greater value and control for brands
WeLink https://welink.com/ Location based Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Platform WeLink is the most powerful location based Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Platform