What is your company doing to take advantage of Snapchat’s marketing potential and why?

1. Sponsor Geofilters at Area Networking Events

Phil LaboonAs a storytelling agency, we’ve used the platform to help others broadcast their message by sponsoring Geofilters at networking events. The filters are super easy for us to make in-house, and have been a huge hit. We’ve even taken things a step further by compiling a “best of” video at the end of every event. It’s a great way to keep our name top of mind while providing real value. – Phil Laboon, Eyeflow Internet Marketing

2. Combine Storytelling and Tracking

Jonathan ShokrianThe fact that stories disappear makes viewers more likely to pay attention. We see Snapchat as a way to engage people who are already fans with fun, relatable stories rather than facts about the product that they probably know. We put discount codes in the videos to see how many people are actually clicking through, and it’s a really good bang for our buck. – Jonathan Shokrian, MeUndies Inc

3. Increase Employee Engagement

Jeff EpsteinWe created a custom filter for our quarterly summit which was very well received by the team. By encouraging engagement, we were able to bring a social aspect to a team-building event that ended up crowd-sourcing some great content. – Jeff Epstein, Ambassador

4. Use Snapchat as a Teaser

Nicole MunozBecause of the brief nature of the medium, your snaps come and go quickly. Use that to your advantage and build anticipation in your audience. Make them want to search out more information or connect with your company to learn more. It’s all about understanding what you audience wants and making sure to whet their appetites with small bites. – Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

5. Use It as a Productivity Tool

Blair ThomasRather than for direct to consumer/business marketing, we utilize Snapchat to improve internal productivity. When sales milestones, technical releases or deployments are made, we get our team involved and have them Snapchatting one another, and the management team, to keep the competitive edge in the office razor sharp — it keeps them highly motivated. – Blair Thomas, First American Merchant

6. Use It as a Networking Medium

Patrick BarnhillI use Snapchat as a networking tool to quickly communicate with my entrepreneurial friends. It’s very easy to send a 10-second video of an idea or project and get quick and easy feedback. I also have a company Shapchat where I post content that’s informal for other social media networks. – Patrick Barnhill, Specialist ID, Inc.

7. Harness Its Reach for Clients

Robert LeeWith the majority of users being between the ages of thirteen and thirty-four, there is a large opportunity for brands to utilize the platform to reach their target demographic. Snapchat is a new way for universities to give prospective students an inside look into campus events and student life while also telling their story and increasing brand awareness. – Robert Lee, Circa Interactive Inc

8. Share Snaps on Other Social Media Platforms

Anthony PezzottiWe’ve found it best to share our snaps on other social media platforms to try to build and engage our audience, since Snapchat doesn’t have a public feed yet. We like to share screenshots of our snaps and distribute them to every major social media platform and tell our followers to follow us on Snapchat if they want to see more. This has been a great way for us to drive user engagement. – Anthony Pezzotti, Knowzo.com

9. Create (and Prove) Your Authenticity

Carter ThomasIn a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust a company’s marketing, transparency is more important than ever — not just in the written word, but being able to see the person (or people) making the promise of the company. Snapchat has the unique ability to show the “real” person behind the mask of our screens, which leads to a deeper customer relationship. – Carter Thomas, Bluecloud Solutions

10. Host Snapchat Takeovers

Jennifer MellonAt our company, we have our private investigators take over our Snapchat account for a case or as long as a week. These takeovers are fascinating for our clients, as they are able to experience the world of a private investigator first hand. It is also a wonderful way to educate potential consumers on our product and service. – Jennifer Mellon, Trustify

11. Build Trust With Customers

Chad KellerSnapchat allows us to get more personal than ever with our consumers, which we feel establishes more trust with them. Showing the day-to-day operations of our company not only gives consumers an inside look at our business but also it makes them feel more comfortable with us. Laughing with other employees and joking around with the Snapchat filters shows consumers that we are just like them. – Chad Keller, WUDN