In a line of business that is still up and coming – and changing daily as a standard – it can be hard to describe exactly what it is I do on a daily basis. While the rest of the net understands the term “social media marketing services” and doesn’t bat an eye at the thought of a “social media marketing services pricing guide,” the electronically challenged, the youth challenged, and the non Internet geeks of the world are lost. While we’ve moved on to discuss the latest hashtag fashions, they’re still scratching their heads as to what’s going viral and what type of doctor is needed to treat it.

To help out all areas of audiences, the tech and non-tech alike, take a look at these unique descriptions of social media management or (SMM). If this doesn’t clear it up, we’ll include flashcards in next week’s post.

So, what is SMM? And what are the best services?

11. In Textonese

FB, Twitter, G+ + sched. IRL for SM profiles, SEO, & MRE. From *$ or home, M-F 24/7. 511? SRY TTYL

for dummies book cover10. For Dummies

The best social media management practices are performed by those who use real services to write, schedule, and post companies’ online content. This means accessing different areas of the Internet that are available to help, while avoiding shady practices such as buying likes or friends, or responding to spam content.

In a nut shell: It’s a branch of online marketing that reaches out to appeal to new customers. SMM is done by writing and posting tweets or other social media content. This is usually done for business use, and is meant to access maximum user engagement and grow a brand’s outreach.

9. Haiku

Year-round online posts

Scheduled by professionals

Bringing in new sales

8. In a Video

Check out this super informative video from LevelUp, to see just how online marketing can help grow a brand.

7. As Tom Haverford

tom haverford“Every day I start by hitting up Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Sometimes I like to thrown in LinkedIn for the professional shawties.”

“By logging into webby websites, bookies, tweeters, and pinnies can see our best stuff. Then by giving them the tails – most people say ‘the deets,’ but I say ‘the tails,’ just another example of innovation – they want a piece of the action. And they main it rain and buy it. Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot.”

6. In Math Form

SMM + C1 = $

C1 – SM = L

C = company
L = lack of smarts

Bonus for the number lovers: Looking for a social media marketing services pricing guide? Determine how many sales can be brought in by a strong social media presence – in comparison the management fees should be miniscule.

5. As a Tweet

SMM is done by scheduling business posts online. Research and regularity allows max results. #growingprofession #onlineexposure #winning

4. someecards

some e card

3. In Song Lyrics

We are the posters, my friend

And we’ll keep on liking ‘til the end

We gather traffic

We bring in comments

No time for losers

Cause we’ve mastered Pint-erest … and Google plus

2. For the Technology Challenged

People have online profiles where they make virtual friends – who usually have a real-life counterpart. Companies can reach these profiles and offer sales, discounts, and deals to those who interact with them online. By hiring a manager to take care of these pages, companies can save time while bringing in more sales. The practice is known as social media management.

1. In Yoda Speak

“Online post we. Traffic makes companies big grow. Patience you must have, my young padawan.”

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