Tips On How to be More Productive on Social Media

Alarm-clockYou’ve heard the saying, “Time is Money.” This couldn’t be more true especially as we are increasingly involved in social media interactions online. With just 24 hours given to us each day, it is important to make the best use of time in order to become more focused and productive.

Social media is a great way to promote your brand or business and make connections with high influencers in your industry. But there are approximately 300 different social platforms out there, with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube at the top of the list. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of instant information, and lose the effectiveness of your marketing online.

As technology evolves and more social networks rise to the top, the question remains on how to best make use of your day with maximum outreach and growth. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay on track and keep your online marketing laser focused.

1. Take a break

Just look around when you are in a public setting and you will notice just how many people are either using a mobile device or are on a laptop. It is easy to experience burnout when not allowing any free time away from our technology. Give yourself permission to power down when doing things like eating lunch, meeting with someone, taking a brisk walk, or whatever your break moment might be. Even our computers need to be powered down every so often.

2. Schedule in your social media

This might sound like it takes more time, but scheduling in your allotted time online will actually help you fill your calendar with other important activities like meetings, writing that next book, and so on. Your community will also recognize a pattern and know when the best time communicate with you is, which creates more structure in your social media activity for the day.

3. Take time to build relationships

Instead of just posting content or quick replies, takes some time to get to know the important contacts in your networks on social media. Be an engager of their content, and keep the mood positive and encouraging.

4. Post useful content

When you know the needs of your community it is easier to craft articles and images or videos that will benefit them. This could also be as simple as a thought-provoking quote or a shared breaking news article.

5. Applaud the achievements of others

If someone has just published a book, or maybe put out a great video recently, take the time to congratulate them and even share these events on your social networks. The same goes for someone just having a difficult time and a person who needs a supportive ‘listener’ online. It doesn’t take much to give attention to your connections.

6. Followup by telephone

The personal touch of keeping in check with your customers, friends, and coworkers is still important, especially as social media dominates communication. Take some time each day to contact those who need your attention.

7. Give others space online

Sometimes our schedules become too busy or a life event is going on that prevents us from responding on our social networks as we typically do. While you give others their space they are more likely to return the favor for you.

8. Follow through on copyrights and permissions

Before posting an image, article, quote, or any other information that is the property of another user online, be sure to either get their permission or include a credit to their content. This will save a lot of headaches later and shows your community that you can be trusted.

9. Make corrections and adjustments

Sometimes our posts and tweets can be taken the wrong way. And other times we might have a mistake such as a typo or missing image. Go through your networks to follow up on any comments or replies that need to be addressed.

10. Set boundaries in your work day

Take full advantage of the 24 hours we are given and create a set schedule for work and social media. Include time for yourself, your family, and friends.

When the high tech world we live in is moving so quickly each day, it is still possible to harness our own time and manage it effectively. Stay true to who you are, but also know your limits. Keep those important connections alive and open with some offline activities as well.