Listen up! Put down that smartphone, stand up, raise your right hand and repeat after me:

1. I promise to listen to — and talk with — my customers online, because reciprocity is the foundation for successful engagement when using the online social channel.

2. I promise to respect and value the information shared online by customers and clients. I will not break their trust in me or my company by exploiting or abusing their information.

3. I promise to focus on building relationships — not generating leads — as the best practice to create long-term value for my company, the customers, clients and other stakeholders.

4. I promise to create thought leadership content that lives up to its name, and not simply babble on about nothing. No one likes or respects social spam!

5. I promise to maintain the integrity of the social channel and not attempt to game it or engage in improper behaviors to influence my ratings, activity scores or endorsements.

6. I promise to not confuse high-influence activities with viral good fortune.

7. I promise to train my staff in the art and science of social business to grow their knowledge and help my company advance its online social capabilities.

8. I promise to make social performance metrics part of staff and organizational MBOs, and to make sure they measure business results, not just the things that are easy to measure.

9. I promise to help my company explain its social efforts and the impact those efforts will have on work practices, because social business programs affect everybody’s job.

10. I promise to be patient with my company and colleagues as they grapple with the organizational changes inherent in adopting a social business strategy, and help them benefit from it.