Reasons NOT to use Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is all of the rage in marketing circles today.  It seems as if everyone is writing about it, reading about it and deploying campaigns.  Large brands to small businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.  After three years of using social media for business it is clear that social media marketing is not for everyone.  Below are 10 reasons not to use social media for your business.

  1. You’re an actor on Jersey Shore.  Social media will probably help your career, but as a public service you shouldn’t use it because it will stupefy the public discourse in general.
  2. You work in organized crime.  Social media marketing will probably be a detriment to your business model and impede its sustainability.
  3. You’re marketing products exclusively to North Korea in partnership with Kim Jong-il.
  4. You work in a prison laundry room.  Using social media will provide little benefit for you or your customers.
  5. You sell typewriters and hate computers.
  6. Your company only has locations in rural Somalia.  Cell phone signals are spotty and internet access is rare.
  7. You run a funeral home.  It’s probably not a good idea to tweet your activities.
  8. Your clientele is exclusively the coveted 100+ demographic.
  9. You are a CIA operative undercover in Yemen exposing Al Qaeda members.  Promoting your mission on Facebook will probably be a detriment.
  10. You own Friendster and Buzz.  Using Facebook and Twitter is your strategy to drive people back to these lifeless websites.

The above reasons NOT to use social media marketing for your business are ridiculous right?  They were meant to be because there is virtually no reason not to have your brand or company represented in social media today.  Whether you’re B2B, B2C or non-profit, social media is a platform for communicating with people and people are on social media in droves.  Don’t you think it’s about time to start using social media for your business?

Image:  Borut Peterlin