Do you think Facebook is the best Social Media platform for brands? You believe its even better than Twitter? I think we will have good time here today!

Every single day we see social media growing at a fast pace. Till date no other form of communication has received as overwhelming a response as social media. A lot of credit goes to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, which has facilitated interpersonal interactions. However when it comes to brands talking on social media, it’s a whole different ball game.

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Choosing the right platform for your brand can make a world of a difference in the way you retain existing customers and the rate at which you attract new ones. Lets have a look on why I recommend Twitter for businesses/brands over Facebook, here are my 10 reasons to it-

1. Numerous third-party tools which support Twitter

One of the biggest advantages Twitter has over Facebook is the availability of numerous tools to analyse brand performance. There are many tools which brands can use without investing too much money.A large number of options are available free of cost, while the more premium ones entail a small fee. Here is a list of 20 must have Twitter Tools for Business, that makes your life easy.

2. Quick analytics and easy monitoring for brands vs. competition

social media analyticsWhat’s the point of a conversation is no one’s listening, right? Here’s another area where Twitter has a one up over Facebook. Many apps and software can track / monitor your brand mentions better on Twitter due to its API. In fact many of them are close to 100 % accurate, like Radian 6, uberVU, Sysomos, SocialBro and so on.

3. Easy to adapt and easy to use

Twitter at start might seem a bit complicated and intimidating.But once one gets used it; it will be your best friend for life. Not but tools like Tweet Deck, and Twitter for smart phones make it easier to connect with your consumer on a real time basis. UberTwitter can be used to better your communication skills on Twitter as well, after all summarising an opinion in 140 characters is a skill in itself. Facebook on the other hand doesn’t have too many options.

4. A great customer service tool

social media customer careNowadays many brands are using Twitter to personally connect with their customers. Many brands have their handles dedicated to customer service online, right from telecom, to banks. FMCG companies and others have been solving customer queries real time. Tata Docomo has also enabled users to activate/deactivate their mobile plans through twitter via TwittCom.

5. Viral ability can be leveraged to the maximum

Twitter also helps your content go viral. Facebook has its limitation here as most conversations are private and it’s designed to be that way. However, Twitter is an open platform and anybody can view each other’s tweets, giving your content the boost that it needs. Contests also play a very important role on Twitter, many brands use this route to attract followers and promote their Ads, viral videos, initiatives etc. with the audience.

6. Facebook Edgerank vs Twitter Timeline

Facebook Edgerank reduces your reach to 10% or even less than that whereas Twitter is open and through Twitter anyone can connect with likeminded people and experts. Tools like enable people to find other people on Twitter through their biographies.

For e.g. if you would like to connect with CEOs living in Mumbai, you can easily search, filter your target group and follow them. Likewise you can connect with Fashion Bloggers, Social media experts, Faculties, batch mates etc.

7. Agency Dilemma

social media agencies

Most of the Brands prefer Facebook because they have been told by their agencies to use Facebook. And agencies prefer Facebook as it’s easier to maintain, spend money, and get temporary results. Whereas Twitter takes time but once set you can just Fly.

8. Focused communication as it’s defined within 140 characters

Twitter allows for crisp and targeted communication by restricting its word count to just 140 characters. For people on the go, businessmen and users who are tied for time, a simple gist of the latest news put out by their brand is what they seek. Twitter is the perfect platform for this kind of communication, making it a great forum for any kind of company.

9. A Real time search engine

Twitter also acts as a real time search engine. Twitters advanced search is terrific and allows brands to search for specific conversations without any hassles. Over a period of time Twitter has improved its uptime and anyone can search for specific topics with the right keyword combination. Hashtags facilitate this search to a great extent. Tools like Radian 6, tweet deck, and Hoot Suite help with more comprehensive searches for brands monitoring their presence online. This allows brands to respond to their audience on real time basis, converting customers or loyalists to brand evangelists and increasing their awareness and goodwill by Word of Mouth.

10. Great Market research tool

Last but not the least, Twitter can be a great market research tool. Many brands are scared to come on social media platforms like Twitter since they feel that they don’t have control over what people say about them. But if brands take each and every user’s feedback seriously and work on them, they will know a lot about themselves than any market research company could tell them.

For e.g. If a lot of people are complaining that the service of a particular coffee shop is not good, it means the coffee shop owner knows that it’s time to train his staff to improve service quality. Negative feedback provides great market research insights, and instigates companies to improve service and efficiency.

Your turn

I’ve just brushed the surface with the above ten feature. Twitter and the Internet are filled with more facilities to support and promote brand recall online, a lot more than what Facebook can offer. I’m not undermining the potential of Facebook marketing, but as a social media platform Facebook was made for more private interactions. It’s for friends and family to connect, and less for companies to engage consumers. But at the end of the day if a brand succeeds inefficiently managing their activitieson both these platforms, they can reap best of both worlds.

What do you think about Twitter for Businesses over Facebook? Have you experienced Twitter working better? Share with us!

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