10 Reasons Your Business Needs Infographic Marketing

If your content marketing needs a boost, then you should consider infographic marketing for several reasons. You probably know that content marketing is a great way to attract potential customers, but did you know that visual marketing outperforms every other type of content marketing by a large margin?

If you are not experiencing the results you wanted to see with your content marketing you should consider taking the next step by introducing infographics into your campaigns. Here are ten reasons that your business should consider infographic marketing.

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Infographic Marketing

1. Infographics Produce More Social Shares

Blog posts and content containing infographics will always generate many more social shares and page views than a piece of content that lacks a visual element. Since more people are likely to engage with visual content it increases the sheer sharing power. A well thought out infographic marketing campaign can provide some of the largest campaign returns.

2. Simple to Understand

Often times it is difficult to get your point across in a blog post, but using an infographic allows you to focus on the main points of your topic. Not only is it easier to do, but also your audience will react better to a visual presentation of the information. If you split test text and visual posts you will see that the visual posts will result in more actions.

3. Visual Content Attracts Attention

There is an astronomical amount of content that is produced every single day. There are millions of pages of content that go live every single day, along with over 2 million video uploads and hundreds of millions of tweets and social media posts. You need to do everything you can to stand out from the other content out there, and the visual element of infographics does a great job at attracting attention.

4. Visual Content Triggers Emotions

Did you know that certain colors trigger specific emotions? Visual content can help to influence purchasing decisions, which is a major reason that so many companies are using infographic marketing. A well-crafted infographic will work in emotional triggers to help accomplish the goal of the marketing campaign.

5. Infographics Are Excellent Link Bait

An infographic is a great link bait tool, and a clever infographic partnered with an outreach campaign can result in a large number of high quality natural inbound links. It is important to brand the infographic with your company name, logo, and contact information incase it goes viral. Links are an added benefit and a successful infographic can help you earn links that will boost your organic search results.

6. Your Audience Absorbs Visual Content Faster

Your target audience can absorb visual content like infographics much faster than the brain processes written content. Want to know how much faster? About 60,000 times faster! The majority of your website visitors are only going to skim through your written content, yet they will take the time to digest your message if it is presented to them in a visual manner.

7. Provides Great Social Media Content

Sharing your infographics on social media is a great way to get your social audience to engage in your brand. Companies spend so much time and money marketing and building up their social following only to interact with them with basic posts. Give them something of value that they will enjoy reading, like an infographic! You will see your social audience interact with visual content more than your regular social posts.

8. Visual Content Dominates Communication

Want to hear some crazy stats that will show give you an idea of how much human communication is visual? 90% of all information our brains process is non-verbal. 70% of our sensory receptors are in our eyes, which the brain then processes 50%. Our brain loves visual information!

9. Increases Social Media Audience

A great infographic is going to create a buzz for the brand associated with it, leading to more people seeking out your social profiles to make sure that they continue to engage with your brand. This is a great way to increase your twitter followers, facebook likes, and other social profiles. Make sure that your social profiles are easily visible on you website and watch them increase.

10. Keeps Your Visitors on Your Website Longer

You will notice that website visitors will stick around longer when they are interacting with visual content. The longer they stay on your site, the more likely they will complete a form, pick up the phone, or make a purchase.

Once considered a fad, infographic marketing has proven to be a very effective online marketing strategy that produces the massive traffic your business needs to grow. Visual marketing continues to prove to be the most effective way to engage with targeted audiences.