10+ Great Social Media Management Tools For Your Business

Would you agree that it is important for all businesses to stay on top of trends and get the most out of their social media channels? In this article we will be reviewing the 10+ essential social media management tools that could greatly benefit your business’ social presence and performance.

10 Great Social Media Management Tools For Your Business

Why To Use Any Social Media Management Tools?

Here are the top five reasons on our list:

  • Social media management tools save you time.
  • They help you be more organised.
  • Assist you in analysing and reporting your channel’s performance.
  • Can help you better understand your audience.
  • They can be used to help with the creation of better content.

Continue reading below to discover our recommendations on various marketing tools you can use to support the social media activities of your business.

Content & Editing Tools

Social Media Management Tools - Editing tools

Canva – This free and easy to use tool helps you create consistent and effective graphic designs. It comes with pre-set sizes that you can choose from to create captivating social media images, presentations, book covers, infographics and more.

Pixlr – The free online substitute to PhotoShop called Pixlr lets you perform basic and more advanced image editing.

Headline tools

This awesome topic and question generating tool by AnswerThePublic can really help you out in days when you have run out of good ideas. And tools like this headline analyzer give you a free analysis on the strength and emotional value your headline carries.

Scheduling Tools

Social Media Scheduling Tools

The most popular names in this category are Hootsuite and Buffer. These tools let you schedule posts on all the major social media networks and later post them for you automatically. Both of these tools are great. However, Hootsuite also lets you perform basic brand monitoring. And you have the ability to answer or interact with comments and other posts directly from their platform.

MeetEdgar – With this social media management tool you can not only schedule something once but also the tool ‘recycles’ it by posting it repeatedly in the future based on a pre-set posting schedule.

Monitoring Tools

Best Social Monitoring Tools

Hootsuite can help you keep track on your brand’s social mentions. However, there are tools like Mention and Social Mention that are designed specifically for brand monitoring.

Analyzing Tools

The tools below can be used both for personal and competitor’s social media channels performance analysis.

Great free Social Media Analysis Tools

Starting with LikeAlyzer for Facebook analysis. You can get insights on a page’s rank, post timing, post engagement rate, page performance, type of posts, and more.

Twitonomy – Analysis of your Twitter profile, engagement rates, times of posting, most engaged users, and more.

Allmyplus lets you download the posts performance and data of any Google Plus page.

Socialblade lets you keep track of yours or your competitor’s Instagram and YouTube channels growth and performance. Discover even more Instagram analytics tools in our article here.

Website analytics tools

Last but not least, the most important tools are the website analytics tools like Google Analytics or Yahoo Web Analytics. One of the things you should use them for is analyzing the impact social media has on your business. For competitors’ analysis you can use tools like SimilarWeb or Alexa.

Many of these tools are real time-savers and can make your daily activities easier. Don’t forget that choosing the best tools to help you out in your social media efforts will be different for every business.

Let us know in the comment section below what are your favourite social media management tools and make sure to come back next week when we will be talking about Twitter and its new ways of monetizing live content.