Header - 10 Facts That Will Shake Your Social Media Strategy (Infographic)Having been in the social media game since before “social media” was even a term, I know one thing is constant: change. This isn’t a stagnant arena. A new social media infographic from digital marketing firm Mainstreethost drives home that point with 10 Surprising Social Media Facts. The infographic is included in its entirety below. Check out 10 highlights below.

#1 Twitter: Advocacy and Followers Don’t Go Hand In Hand.

The people who support you the most on Twitter are usually those with fewer followers. Only 1 out of 10 of your mentions will come from “Power Users,” those with more than 500 followers.

#2 Twitter: Home to 6 Distinct Communication Networks.

Twitter has 271 million monthly active users. That’s more people than Russia and Mexico combined! So, it would make sense that Twitter is not just one giant stream of conversation and information; rather, it’s a conglomeration of six distinct types of networks: (1) Polarized Crowds, (2) Tight Crowds, (3) Brand Clusters, (4) Community Clusters, (5) Broadcast Networks, and (6) Support Networks. Figure out which channel you’re communicating in, and focus your voice for best results.

#3 Content: Written Trumps Visual.

Written content is still a favorite with many marketers – 58% of them, in fact. Think about creative ways you can tell your brand’s story through written content. The written word isn’t limited to press releases, email blasts, and other traditional verbal channels.

#4 Twitter: Think On Your Feet.

You know Twitter is a fast-paced network; but you may be surprised at the speed of response customers expect from you. Most customers expect a response within one hour. Find out how to capitalize on a quick-response strategy.

#5 Twitter: Schedule Your Retweets for Late at Night.

Retweets have been statistically proven to perform better between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 a.m. ET. Try scheduling a few overnight retweets this week, and see what results you get.

#6 Facebook: Friday Offers Best Engagement.

Friday is officially THE day to get the best engagement rates on Facebook. This claim is supported by other 2014 data reported in the Huffington Post and TIME. But don’t stress about it too much. Friday is only marginally better than the other six days of the week!

#7 Facebook: Use Photos for Engagement.

Rather than posting your blog as a link, try posting it as a photo and including a link in the caption. 87% of Facebook page interactions are photo-based.

#8 Use Social to Drive Traffic.

But not just any social. While Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest drive the most traffic, they don’t necessarily drive the best kind of traffic. YouTube and Google+ lead the way with the highest average time on site and the lowest bounce rates.

#9 Facebook: Create Page Reach Goals.

Though Facebook page reach has taken a turn for the worse this year, there are still certain benchmarks you can aim for. Reference the social media infographic below for more info.

#10 Pinterest: Jump In With This Platform’s Calendar.

Did you know that certain types of posts perform better on certain days with Pinterest? Wednesday is a great day for quotes, while Friday is all about humor.

What Social Media Strategies Surprised You?

Let us know what stood out to you! What will you change about your social media strategy?