Not long ago we brought you 15 social media factoids that drew useless comparisons between internet statistics and other trivia, like the fact that there are triple the amount of apples eaten each day than the number of apps downloaded.

Today we have a top-up of ten more facts, in case you were getting withdrawal symptoms from our incredible content. Enjoy.

Facebook users are a private bunch: 44% have deleted comments others have made and 37% have untagged themselves from photos. The other two-thirds are still hungover.

LinkedIn is the best qualified social network: a healthy 50% of LinkedIn users have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The other half claim they do too.

There are 2 million companies on LinkedIn. An estimated 185 have more than one employee.

Just 29% of Google+ users are female. That’s almost a third of a user.

Like our hometown of Brighton, Google+ is flooded with students (about 20%) and nearly all of them are tech workers. It’s a sexy place to be.

A worrying 83% of Google Plus users are inactive. 17% still have the sign-up tab open.

Over 3.5 billion tweets are sent out by mobile each year. That’s a lot of sexy invitations from girls that want to hook up and/or give you an iPhone.

Sadly, almost half of Google+ users are single. This figure is roughly 50% accurate.

About 168 million DVDs’ worth of data is consumed every day online, three quarters of which is not safe for work.

40 million visit Twitter, 22 million visit LinkedIn, 20 million visit Google+,17 million visit Pinterest and 172 million people visit Facebook every day.

Combined, that’s around 271 million times the amount of visitors to MySpace each day.

There are 532 million status updates written each day. It’s infinitely fascinating how the weather sometimes changes and supremely annoying that Facebook sometimes makes iterative improvements, isn’t it?