As I walked into our Brighton office this afternoon, I couldn’t help but stare at the queue by our foosball table and think to myself how much I like October.

Sure it’s a little cooler than I would prefer, but it reminds me of my childhood lunch breaks shooting basketball while being at school.

But it’s more than just basketball in October. It’s one of the best, if not the best month for sports fans as all 4 major US sports are in play.

At Brandwatch, we have a variety of sports fans (it’s short for fanatics) and it got me thinking. What is the ultimate place to enjoy all our favorite teams together?

Instead of asking the all-knowing Google, we decided to listen to spam-free social conversations using … wait for it … Brandwatch.

We scanned through a sample of 45,000 mentions since the beginning of this year to see which outrageous sports caves we could find and which one was mentioned the most on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums and other social channels.

Sports Caves


The honor of the most talked about sports **** belongs to John Madden’s personal viewing room (don’t call it a man cave, not within earshot of Madden at least).

In the middle of his massive dark refurbished office space sits the coaching and broadcasting legend on a single brown leather throne overlooking a retractable 9 by 16 foot projection screen.

His king sized screen is surrounded by nine TV screens (only nine?) that might seem small in comparison, but at are actually 63-inches in size, all of which are tuned to sports news channels or a live NFL game.

But if you think this is the most ridiculous sports cave off all time, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Whether it’s a celebrity cave, billionaire cave or an inexpensive cave, here’s a selection of ridiculous sports shrines we could find.


DIY Network and NFL Network put together the ultimate football command center to award super fan Ryan Donaldson.

With the touch of a button, the platform of plush seating rotates full circle so that you can watch multiple screens without ever having to flip through channels.

On one wall is a state-of-the-art projection screen and prized memorabilia; five more flat-panel HDTVs are on the adjacent wall.



When it comes to sports command centers, comedian Larry the Cable Guy is a master. His manly oak oasis includes a poker table, pool table, bar, flat-screen TV, video machine, bar signs, and turf-like carpet as the finishing touch.

Sports Cave


Texans fan, Blake Barnes eats, sleeps and breathes football.

He is the proud owner of football cave with multiple televisions, signed footballs and hundreds of sports memorabilia. It can seat about 50 people (still nowhere near big enough to fit all our employees though).

960x540 (1)


When race car driver collectibles were beginning to take over Robert Butterfield’s home, his wife suggested showcasing all in a spare room (bet she regrets it now ).

In his Hard Rock Cafe styled room is a racetrack bookshelf, kegerator, flat-screen TV, wall-to-wall diamond plate flooring, mirrored gel showcases to house his model cars, NASCAR posters, a Dale Earnhardt couch, an open bar and much, much more…



This NFL movie style cave speaks volumes with three 32-inch Sharp LCDs, a 110-inch Stewart Filmscreen fixed display, a Sharp 1080p DLP projector, plush chairs, 7.2-channel surround sound, a PlayStation 3, Lutron lighting and Crestron touchpanel control.

The garage room also includes full wet bar, comfy seats, an icemaker and two beverage centers. This may just be your go-to spot after a long day.

Man Cave


Diehard New York Rangers fan, Joe Bellestri, was a lucky contestant on the DIY Network show ‘Man Caves’.

What’s inside his hockey heaven? A big-screen TV, wall-size mural, $999 Dream Seats, royal blue lockers behind a frosted Plexiglas bar, hockey-stick stools and ice rink–style flooring made of epoxy.



Antonio Manata also got a soccer gift from the ‘Man Caves’ crew: a sublime space with a foosball table, a goalpost with netting, Astroturf, jerseys and beanbags defenders in front of his goal.



Any baseball fan would be delirious with this MLB cave. It is equipped with White Sox and Cubs bar stools, glassware, collectibles and an outdoor patio with where you can queue at the oversized hotdog grill.

Behind the 42-inch flat screen TV with a home theater system is a giant image of the White Sox’s US Cellular Park. The centerpiece of Dave Roseman‘s cave is a hydraulic Chicago White Sox professional billiards table that rises out of the ground with a single touch of a button.

MLB cave


Finally, one of our favorite fan caves belongs to Chicago native and passionate baseball Cubs fan, Stewart McVicar. After 4 years of hard work, he completed his $150,000 sports shrine in late August, featuring 12 different video displays, a 92-inch projection screen and a 65-inch Samsung Smart TV.

Video games scattered throughout provide additional recreation, not to mention the pinball machines, the air hockey table and the foosball table.

Fan Cave

Stay tuned on our blog for more sports news or make sure to check out our latest product Vizia to set up your own sports command center.

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