Screenshot 2014 01 21 at 11.27.34 AM Tumblr Flattens Out   Where Do They Go?
Source: Forbes

Last May Tumblr reached an audience of 47.49 million users on desktop and mobile (ComScore). The odd thing is that it has only exceeded that level once since then, and that was for a brief period in July. There is some debate as to how accurate the ComScore measurement is, as spokespeople for Tumblr claim it does not include in-app traffic (and that would be the mobile app).

However, GlobalWebIndex surveyed 170,000 internet users and found a similar pattern. So something is happening to make Tumblr’s growth stall. One possibility is the loss of its uniqueness in the face of instant messaging app usage, and the growth of viral content sites like Buzzfeed.

Meanwhile, that hasn’t stop revenue growth, as brands are using the platform to advertise, and that revenue growth is comparable to competitors such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. (Adobe)

socialadbe Tumblr Flattens Out   Where Do They Go?