We’ve reported in the past about how social login boosts registration conversion rates by up to 33% and enables access to rich, actionable first party data. As valuable as social login may be for businesses, however, users may not intrinsically understand why they should authenticate their social identities on third party sites. After all, how will these sites store and use their personal data; and why should they even share these intimate details in the first place?

You Give What You Get

Acknowledging the reality that personal privacy will always be a priority to users, it’s important for businesses to clearly communicate exactly how this first party data will be used to provide value back to the end user. In other words, the adage “you get what you give” applies here: By offering value to your users in the form of incentives to register socially, you encourage more registrations, which then enables you to discover more about your user base so you can better your marketing efforts.

In fact, we have the numbers to prove just how paramount communication is when it comes to nurturing positive user experiences. We surveyed thousands of businesses that implemented social login and discovered that those that didn’t include a clear message outlining the benefits of logging in socially saw an average of 21.6% users choosing to log in with their social identities. On the flip side, sites that clearly communicated the advantages of social login to its users experienced a social login rate of over 45%.

In other words, businesses that effectively communicate the benefits of registering socially for their sites see a 109% increase in login conversions on average.

To offer some inspiration to businesses looking to boost their registration rates and better understand their users, we’ve outlined a few examples of businesses that are hitting the target when it comes to clearly communicating the benefits of social login.

STV Offers Exclusive Access to Content and Special Offers

Playing up its role as a reputable source for content, Scottish news publisher STV offers exclusive access to site content, including live video streams, discounts, and more.

Lancôme Gives Product Samples and Exclusive Access to New Products

Beauty company Lancôme offers deluxe samples and early access to new products for users that register for its site.

PacSun Promises Convenience to its Social Users

Retailer PacSun provides a simple, straightforward incentive for customers to choose social login — the ease of not having to remember another username and password.

NCAA Provides Social Incentives

In a push to get its users registered socially to play its March Madness Bracket Challenge, NCAA displays a simple, clear message: “Because Brackets are more fun with friends.”

What’s Your Call to Action?

Looking to the above use cases as inspiration, you can see that social registration conversions start with an enticing, simple call to action, clearly displayed on your login and registration dialog. As your business implements social login to more easily and seamlessly capture user identities, it’s important to ask yourself what call to action fits best with your business’s unique goals and culture.

To learn more about how to extract true value from social login, tune into our webinar, “Social Login: More Than Faster Registration,” featuring guest Kim Celestre of Forrester Research.