Many businesses are built upon marketers simply dropping cookies on unassuming consumers as they make their way across the Internet, bombarding them with an onslaught of “relevant” ads and content. To today’s social consumers, who crave open communication and transparency with brands, this type of marketing is often viewed as a “sneak attack,” in some cases causing more damage to consumer perception of brands than increasing purchase intent.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, consumers cited “quality products and services” as the top standard of trust in 2006; by 2010, 83% of consumers named “transparent and honest practices” as the most important element to establishing brand trust (AdAge). Modern marketers need a new way to connect closer with consumers by establishing the trust and understanding necessary to reach them with the right messages on the right channels at the right times – right away.

Social Login allows consumers to choose the data that they share with brands. When a consumer decides to register for a website via one or more of her existing social profiles, a dialogue box appears, requesting permission to access specific information from her social graph. Not only does social login allow brands to choose exactly the information they want from consumers up front, helping avoid data overload, but it also fosters consumer trust, building the type of authentic relationship that leads to long-term brand loyalty and ROI.

By requesting only the information necessary to provide a better, more relevant user experience, users are more likely to grant you permission. Request this information early in the relationship to immediately begin providing an enhanced user experience, rather than waiting for a purchase transaction to collect user data. Finally, be sure to add clear text to your website that informs customers what data is being collected and exactly how it will be used.

To learn more about transitioning from retargeting to authentic relationships, download our survival guide, “Marketing In A World Without Cookies.”