How “smart” is your agency? Do you use social intelligence to prepare your pitches, plan campaigns and grow your business? If not, you’re missing out on some serious competitive advantage.

Social intelligence is completely transforming agencies. The best ones are using real-time data derived from social networks to inform all aspects of their business – and they’re seeing results.

The old and the new

The older, more traditional method of collecting intelligence was time-consuming, expensive and siloed. Marketers would have to sift through public and proprietary sources of information, or run expensive surveys and focus groups. These activities would often take weeks or months to complete, making the insights eventually gathered stale and less-than-useful. And even when the data was useful, the organization would struggle with disseminating this information to the right teams and business units.

Today, however, things have changed. Now, consumers freely take to social media to discuss their needs, desires and viewpoints, and agencies have the ability to tap into these conversations at any time.

Faster, better pitches

So what does this sea change in intelligence gathering mean for agencies? One major benefit is the ability to put together better client pitches.

Because social intelligence can be gathered in real-time, client pitches can incorporate up-to-the-minute information about a client’s market and audience. This also means they can be put together quicker, since agencies do not have to wait for access to proprietary information or collect responses from time-consuming focus groups.

Pitches that are agile and incorporate real-time consumer data will “wow” any potential new client.

Better integrated marketing campaigns

Agencies that tap into social intelligence not only create better pitches for prospective clients, they can run better campaigns.

Social intelligence provides insight into the actions, motivations and purchase intent of audiences of any size or scope. Imagine knowing when an audience is ready to purchase your client’s product, and what type of information they need before they decide to pull the trigger. Or, imagine understanding not just the demographic makeup of your client’s audience, but their preferred websites, publications and even brands. This information can power laser-focused campaigns that get your client’s message in front of the exact right audience at the right time.

Get more business

Ultimately, social intelligence gives agencies the edge they need to get more business. The competitive advantage of accessing the best data, fast, is unparalleled in the digital world.

Because your pitches and your campaigns are now tapping into real-time consumer information, your entire agency will become stronger, better, and more agile. This means more business coming through the door, and more opportunities to offer value to your clients.