With consumers becoming increasingly dependent on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs, it’s only natural that TV programming be readily available across these devices that viewers already use on a regular basis.

TV Everywhere (TVE), a middle-tier software that enables television broadcasters to stream their content on any supported device, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone, facilitates communication between a user’s cable provider, who provides the authentication and authorization for viewing content, and the content provider that owns the programming.

In other words, as a content provider, TVE lets you authenticate a user’s paid subscription plan so that viewer can access your premium streaming content without leaving your site or mobile app. Below, we’ll break down the benefits of TVE for viewers and businesses in greater detailer.

Benefits for Consumers

Convenience and Security

By authenticating users’ cable provider accounts on content provider sites, TVE saves users from having to create and remember a new set of login credentials to interact with the various elements of your site and to view premium content. A full-suite solution should already have measures in place to ensure that all user records are authenticated securely and kept in a database designed to store large volumes of data records.

Completely Personalized Viewing Experience

With a full-suite identity management solution, you can tailor the experience for your viewers by informing the site or mobile app experience with past behavioral data. For instance, you can look at a user’s most frequently watched shows, favorite programs, and more, to serve him new, relevant programming recommendations.

Access Across Any Device

As television viewership moves away from the traditional television set and into the hands’ of viewers’ personal computers, smartphones, and tablets, consumers expect the programming experience to translate to all their devices. TVE lets viewers quickly and securely authenticate their cable provider identities right from your website or mobile app, enabling instant access to premium content from any device.

Benefits for Businesses

Retain Viewership

By making it easy for your users to watch content on the devices they currently use, you increase the likelihood that your viewers remain engaged with your content for the long term.

Provide Relevant User Experiences

A full-suite solution will collect and store your user records so you can easily access account and behavior information to better tailor the viewing experience to engage your users and nurture viewer loyalty.

Inform Ad Buys with Data

As more users log in to watch shows from their devices and PCs, you can analyze and pull reports on the performance of your various programs. For example, you may observe patterns around when most viewers log on to watch a particular show online after it airs live. You can then use this intel to serve relevant ads on your site when this show airs.

Adapting to Your Viewers

As consumers’ viewing habits move from the traditional TV set to multiple devices, it’s important for content providers to understand how to adapt to these changes. TVE provides the capabilities to enable you to navigate this shift easily, but it’s important to understand how to implement the best TVE solution for your business.

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