When it comes to Hashtag data, we hear a lot of I needed it yesterday.”

Customers constantly come to us and asking if we can track tags that have already peaked or ended (yes we can!). Why do they need it? Here’s five of the most common reasons our customers give for using Hashtracking’s historic data collection and tracking services.

They forgot to set up a hashtag before an event, chat, or campaign

Woops! To err is human and when you are busy planning your event and launching a campaign, sometimes you forget to dot your eyes and crosshatch your hashtags. This is the #1 reason we get calls asking “It is too late?!!!” from frantic campaign managers, event planners and chat managers. While we advise everyone to set up hashtags well in advance of a live event or campaign, we also understand that sometimes this doesn’t happen. It sure is a relief to be able to go back 30 days and get that data you needed yesterday!

They’ve discovered a co-existing hashtag that looks fruitful/interesting

Imagine your surprise when you discover that a high percentage of your hashtag users are using a second hashtag along with yours, and well…. you have absolutely no idea what that hashtag is about, who started it, who else is using it, what kind of traction it has etc. It’s like your teenager suddenly started hanging out with a new crowd of kids and you know nothing about them! Many of our customers will come to us asking to do post event discovery on their “other hashtags”

They missed the #bus

While you were out, working or having some IRL time with friends and family, a fascinating hashtag happened. Just like THAT! And you missed it. Organic and viral hashtags flare up quickly, and often unexpectedly/unpredictably. It’s easy to miss a lot of the conversation, even if you do hop on and start tracking it as soon as you hear about it. Many of our customers come to us, hoping to backfill any missing data from the start of the conversation. The good news is that this is now simple to do.

They want to do a little reconnaissance

There’s no shame in peeping at other tweeps tags on Twitter. Going back over the (public) record can give brands great insight into the competition and ideas for engaging with and possibly winning over customers. Research is very important. If you don’t have anything to compare your campaign to, how will you know when you are succeeding?

They’re watching their own backs

Another common phrase that we hear a lot from customers: “I just want to run my own numbers.”

Many Hashtracking customers work with multiple agencies and tracking tools and reporting methods. It’s often overwhelming. While there are so many fascinating tools out there for analyzing social media impact and campaign success, relying on a melange of hard to decipher reports from multiple sources can be time consuming and nerve wracking. Every client seems to have their own way of doing things! Hashtracking customers run their own data, and rely on both historic and real time tracking to provide simple, easy to to understand metrics, that they can call their own and share with clients. It gives our customers confidence and authority when presenting their campaigns.