Horror dramas are an evergreen genre. Ever since I picked up my first novel on the living dead terrorizing a village town, I’ve been hooked on to the living dead, the walking dead, the zombies and zombie slayers. In fact, “The Walking Dead” is currently the most-watched American TV series among the 18-to-49 demographic in all of TV. Its most recent episode was watched by nearly 13 million viewers.

After enjoying a pretty big cult following globally, “The Walking Dead” is coming to India on Fox Traveller on the 29th of March 2014. And the channel has laid out some pretty scary events to promote the new TV series through social media. Fox Traveller has partnered with creative digital agency Flying Cursor to get the maximum Indian viewers hooked up on the horror drama TV series.

The Walking Dead on social

The social media promotions began when a group of zombies hijacked a photo booth in India; the booth was meant for youngsters to have their selfies clicked. When some college kids get inside the photo booth, all excited to pose for the cameras, little did they know that there are zombies waiting to pounce on them. The scary encounters in the photo booth were recorded into a video film, titled “The Walking Dead have arrived” and uploaded on the channel’s YouTube page.

Watch the video to see what happened in the Zombie photo booth prank:

The video then started making the rounds on social networks, signifying the arrival of the Walking Dead. The channel leveraged its Facebook and Twitter pages to encourage people to watch the video and share it with their connections. Contests were held on both the platforms where people had to watch the video, and answer questions based on it to win brand merchandise. Meanwhile, the channel’s Facebook cover page, the Twitter background and visuals shared on the Facebook timeline reflect the zombie invasion in town.

On Twitter, the hashtag #WalkingDeadOnFT helped create the buzz for the show. Users were invited to watch the video and answer the questions, while funny answers won prizes. Users were also asked what their zombie names would be, if they were a zombie. The best part however was the reply to fans who engaged on Twitter with cheeky pictures and responses.

A similar engagement was run on Facebook. The Walking Dead Facebook contest hosted on an app, required fans to watch the video and answer the two given questions. The simple app featured the video and the questions below; one could participate only after ‘liking’ the page. The app also featured Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons to enable social shareability.


Community building with spooky promotions

I quite loved the photo booth zombie prank; it was enough to scare the daylights out of me. Also, quite a cool way to introduce the Walking Dead! I guess it takes a little inspiration from the coffee shop telekinesis prank for the promotions of horror movie ‘Carrie’ last year. Looking forward to more such zombie encounters being reported in the media.

The integrated promotions involving both Facebook and Twitter have been well planned and executed. Moreover, the customized, cheeky replies and contests around the prank video also added to the fun promotions. Fox Traveller is on to building a relevant and engaged community for the show, hopefully they also translate to TV views.

As the show gets closer to its weekend debut on television, we are sure to witness some more creative pranks/promotions on social media. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest and don’t forget to watch your back, the zombies are coming!