Who Will Win…According To Social Media

We’re in the finals of the 2014 World Cup and there is plenty of buzz about it. It’s possible that the 2014 World Cup might become the most discussed topic on social media, ever. At Crimson Hexagon, we are listening to the conversations about the Cup and the elimination rounds. We want to see if we can predict the victor using the support shown for each team on social media.

Fan Excitement Index through social conversations

We broke down our prediction for the winner into a number of components. First, we used each national team’s FIFA ranking, which is determined by the team’s performance over the last four years.

Then to create the “excitement index,” we take the volume of conversation about the teams and team players the day leading up to the game and compare the number of posts that day to the total posts average for that national team, from April 1st to the present. Using this ratio, we calculated how excitement is building about the team in question leading up to the team’s match.

We used these components to figure out the predicted winner for each game. Due to the Cup’s daily schedule, we are updating the World Cup information in real time to have an accurate analysis before each elimination game is played. Check out the predictions fans are making. The results may surprise you!

We also included some fun facts about trending topics about players, coaches, teams, their respective nicknames, and all of the events supporters are discussing at the Cup.

Click the blue button below to embed our infographic and see how fan’s predictions change each day of the games!

Click the blue button to embed our infographic and see how it changes with predictions each day of the games!