The Bible is the most widely distributed book in the world, with the largest number of copies. Hundreds of movies have been based on Bible stories, and there are Bible-inspired novel series, television shows, cartoons, and now, perhaps, a video game. The Bible as a video game seems like a strange concept, but the Kickstarter has achieved over a quarter of its first goal in only four days.


Reuben and Efraim Meulenberg are known as the Tornado Twins, and they have a Youtube channel where they offer video tutorials for making video games from scratch. Now, in aa new video this week, they’ve announced plan to make a video game from the Bible.

Actually, they don’t want to turn the Bible in a video game, but rather, into a series of 52 games. Watch the Tornado Twins introduce their Bible video game idea below.

On their Kickstarter page, which has already garnered over $10,000,  the brothers promise that the first three Bible video games will be created if they reach their first goal of $35,000. Those who donate $25 will receive copies of the first three episodes.

For an idea of what to expect from the games, here’s a description of Episode 1: The Grazing Grounds.

As young David, travel back to your hometown Bethlehem. There, you’ll meet Samuel who will change your life forever. On the way, avoid Philistine raiding parties and wild animals, and learn the state of your people.

How will the Bible go over as a video game? Well, it’s certainly a book with battles, missions, and conflicts. There’s also no question that the Bible is a best-seller, and that movies and books based on it tend to be as well.

For more of an idea of what to expect, check out the Tornado Twins’ video below, which shows how the created the character of David for the Bible game. There’s no question that they’re putting in plenty of research on their characters and stories, and the two clearly have the skill and talent to make the game work.

They hope to have the first three episodes of the Bibe game available by December.

[Image Credit: Tornado Twins, from the Bible Game Kickstarter]