What are the odds of you escaping with your life after flipping your car, than being run over by your own family rushing to your aid? That is what happened to a French man in northern France.

According to the French news agency The Locala man from the town of Carville lost control of his car. The car rolled several times before coming to a rest on the side the road. Miraculously, the man and his daughter managed to make it out of the wreaked vehicle unharmed.

After the two climbed out of the car, the man called his wife to come and pick them up. At the same spot, the woman lost control of her vehicle and crashed into her husband. His daughter managed to escape from her mother’s out of control vehicle, but the man, 54, died on the scene.

Amazingly, there was another freak accident on the same day, this time in England.

According to the Daily Stara teenager who was the prime suspect in a car theft, lost control of the vehicle he stole and landed on top of a parked car. The 18-year-old led police a high speed chase through a residential area in Birmingham, England when he lost control the vehicle and landed in a driveway and landed on top of the homeowner’s car.

The force of the crash was so great, that it sent the parked car flying backwards into the homeowner’s porch, which was demolished. Andre Franklin, a neighbor, told the Daily Star:

“I was asleep when I heard a screech and an almighty bang. I looked out of my window across the road and there was this car sat on top of another car with steam coming out of it.”

The teen was arrested on the scene and charged with taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent and dangerous driving.

In the case of the France freak accident, the mother and the daughter were both taken to Vire hospital. Their condition is still unknown.

[Photo Credit: Photopin]