Ready to be taken back in time? All super-fans of “Zoey 101” will remember the episode where the students of PCA had to pick something special to be put in a time capsule. They will also remember how the series ended.

The “Time Capsule” episode, which aired September 18, 2005, indicated that the time capsule would be opened in 20 years.

Fast forward 10 years, however, and Chase discovers what Zoey had said in her contribution to the time capsule.

And on the anniversary of that episode, creator Dan Schneider revealed just that.

Schneider released a five-minute video called “What Did Zoey Say?” that caused dedicated fans to feel some serious nostalgia.

In the video, Chase (Sean Flynn Amir) is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend, who he accidentally calls “Zoe,” when all of the sudden Michael (Christopher Massey) walks into the restaurant.

They have a nice little reunion and then Michael informs Chase that he has dug up the time capsule and retrieved the mysterious DVD that Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) had put into the time capsule.


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In the original 2005 episode, Chase obsesses over what Zoey may have said about him in her video about how great all of her friends are.

He goes to extreme lengths to try to retrieve it–even enlisting Michael’s help to dig up the time capsule in the middle of the night during a torrential downpour (This totally messes up Chase’s bushy hair).

Despite snatching the DVD, Chase’s guilt eventually gets the best of him and he ultimately decides against listening to what Zoey had to say about him. Zoey cheers him up, however, when she informs him that he will know what she said about him in 10 years, instead of 20.

And fans have definitely been waiting for this moment to arrive.

10 years later and with the mystery DVD now in his hands, Chase seeks out a DVD player, to which a completely unhelpful person offers his VHS player. “That won’t work,” he exclaims.

With no other option, Michael reads to Chase what had been said, but not before Chase randomly takes out a photo of Zoey to admire. All the while, he is also ignoring the woman he was about to propose to. Here’s what Zoey said in that video:

And now I want to tell you about one of the most special people I’ve ever met. His name is Chase Matthews and he is one of the funniest, coolest, nicest guys in the world. And sometimes I kind of think he has a little crush on me. But other times, I kind of think he just wants to be friends. All I know for sure is that Chase is really special to me and who knows? Maybe he’s even my soul mate.

After jumping up and down in celebration with Michael, Chase leaves to go find Zoey, only briefly returning to get the engagement ring from his would-be fiancé.

The video ends with the lovable theme song and, wait for it…a “To Be Continued…?” There is still hope for Zoey and Chase after all.

Zoey and Chase

There you have it. Basically, it has now been confirmed that Chase does, in fact, “love Zoey from his head down to his toe-y.”

What did you think about the follow-up episode?