The hate group known as the Westboro Baptist Church has recorded a Beatle’s song parody that directly attacks Michael Sam. If you haven’t been following the news, Michael Sam was the first post-college football player to come out as gay. After coming out of the closet, he promptly entered the NFL as a member of the St. Louis Rams.

Unfortunately Sam was eventually cut loose by the Rams, and that action led the Westboro Baptist Church to once again pull out their bull horn to the annoyance of internet users everywhere.

On the churches blog they announced the re-emergence of the Beatles parody by writing, “Now that the fag-dust settled and the Rams had to face a season with filthy fag Michael Sam and his ineptitude, they cut him.”

The horrible parody, uploaded to SoundCloud, offers these lame and uninspired lyrics:

“Sammy was a man who thought he was a woman
Thought God would give him a pass
From the football field in dark depraved Missouri
Sammy made a big fag splash”

“Everybody treated Sammy like a woman
But he was a rebel man
All the folks around him, clapped at his perversion
Gave his sin a helping hand”

Listeners had nothing but horrible things to say about the Westboro Baptist Church. Among some of the comments were: “I can’t wait for the day your bus crashes and you all die a slow, painful death” and “Good luck, may the wrath of John and George get you in your sleep.”

For those of our readers who can stomach it, here is the churches attack parody:

Sorry for the complete lack of pitch, but by now we are all use to what amounts to fingernails scratching on chalkboards when it comes to the Westboro Baptist Church and their preachy and ignorant anti-gay rhetoric.

[Photo Credit: Marcus Qwertyus]